Fishing Tips at Bass Pro Shops and some Funny moments with fans


We go to Bass Pro Shops to talk some Bass Fishing and we have some Funny Moments with some fishing fans. I show you how to rig up two of the best techniques to catch fish. I also show you one of my tips on how to Texas Rig your best flipping baits better and how to rig up swimbaits weedless.

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42 Replies to “Fishing Tips at Bass Pro Shops and some Funny moments with fans”

  1. Scott, I can't find the Scott Martin snell knot on the net. Do you put the tag through the bottom of the loop or the top?

  2. I have been watching you and Spinnerworm for a long time. I love this channel. Very informative and a lot of fun. I learn a little piece to add to my experience every show I watch and I have a good time watching you guys. I live in Missouri and fish Mark Twain a lot. If you guys ever want to fish a tough lake come on up!

  3. I know these videos dont seem to get as many views as the others, but these are some of my favorite. When you and Brandon are loose and engaging people and your environment its really entertaining. Keep up the good work!

  4. please no more hypnosis, your video put me asleep. just joking. keep smiling, its contagious. oh and snell has one e.

  5. The new generation of children are so awful… F1, NASCAR and he gets upset… Parents teach them manners and courtesy PLEASE!

  6. Scott, you and B.. are some wonderful guys!! Talking to those kids thats awesome!! Love all your stuff>> Good job.. god bless

  7. Wisconsin.. will that be the 16/17th? I'd love to come down and shake your hand!

    Thanks for showing how you rig the punch and swim baits. So many times it's just said what is rigged, not how. That makes a big difference! It looks like using that Snell knot (I've always just used the palomar) will help my hook up percentage!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Here's a great tip for shopping at bass pro leave credit card in the car and only take the amount of money you want to spend in cash if you don't do that 50 dollar budget turns into 100 and up.

  9. I really like the way you interact with the people. Brandon does an awesome job with editing, I got a kick out of "Exploring the Store with Brandon" . Keep up the great work and the great videos.

  10. Cool to see you and the battle wagon at the BPS where I've spent way too much time and money over the last 20 years.

  11. Great video man. Love the tips thank u tons for everything u do and god bless. Ps would love to come fishing with you guys

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