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Fishing ULTRA Clear Water for Bass!

Back to back Jack and myself, along with Jack’s father try to catch big bass in ultra clear water. I teach Jack how to sight fish and he teaches me something special about a swim bait. At the end of the day it was a honor fishing with jack and his father, Richard Corcoran (Speaker of the House Florida.)

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26 thoughts on “Fishing ULTRA Clear Water for Bass!

  1. Noticed that awesome Garmin sticker that Mr. Spinner Worm jacked up is gone from the front deck. lol. Gonna have to charge him for that one. ….Great stuff

  2. When r u coming back to table rock lake? I’m 3 hours to the east but love fishing that lake!

  3. What's up Scott!! Love watching you fish and giving tips no matter the size of fish! You are the number one person I look up to in the huge sport of fishing!

  4. Hey scott. If im fishing a river bank multiple times ive gone and every time i go i get lucky with a swimming lure catch but literally only 1 or 2 through the whole day any ideas on what to try on a river off the banks? Im tired of going and not tearing it up like the way i see others on youtube

  5. Hey man huge fan here and fellow angler, could you do a tip video for some jerkbait fishing? The same way you did with your part 1 and 2 spinnerbait videos (which helped me place top 5 in a tournament on toho by the way) thanks brother! God bless.

  6. I am down in PA with 18 degree cold weather and they are down in Florida with short sleeves 🌍???

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