Fishing With Crankbaits for Prespawn Bass on Kerr Lake

Bass fishing in early spring on Buggs Island Lake in Virginia. We were using Strike King Red Eye Shad in green tomato color and a Spro Little John in spring craw. We were throwing these crankbaits in 2′-5′ of water and the lure had to make contact with the bottom in order to trigger a strike. The bass were congregating on pebbly points, and the bigger fish were on steeper points.

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  1. Nice video buddy haha the angler stole your rod and bait lol I subed could you sub back?

  2. Do you tend to use those crankbaits on rocky bottoms or is it muddy at Kerr? I live in Chesapeake and have only fished Kerr once.

  3. Road to 100 subs Almost there!! I subscribed hopefully you can check us out! Great vid

  4. Nice vid. I subbed. If you get a chance check out my channel and sub back. I'm doing a subscriber giveaway so make sure you check that vid out.

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