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“fizzing” a largemouth bass

Shows how to deflate the air bladder of a deep caught fish.


36 thoughts on ““fizzing” a largemouth bass

  1. Watch the "Fizzing a bass" video from Bass Resource before trying this. According to all information I have seen the bass in this video was fizzed WAY too long (about 25 seconds) and he will drop like a stone in the water. 4-5 seconds for under 3lb fish is best or until it regains bouyancy in the water.

  2. @1bass1man1 How do you know when to take the needle out? Do you fizz the fish out of the water or under the water, because some people say that fizzing underwater fills their air bladder with water?

  3. Release it? Did I hear that correctly? I think you mean…Eat it.
    Nah just kidding lmao. But thanks for that video for reasons I don't know…. Thanks for putting out my curiousity? Yeah. That one.

  4. The little guy is already traumatized in more ways than simply an over filled swim bladder so despite your technique you'd be better off pithing and grilling so that he simply doesn't go to waste. Then again, stripers and pelicans have to eat as well. The bass hero mentality esp. in SoCal cracks me up. There's no shame in keeping a few early winter largemouth for the table.

  5. you are a gentleman. i truly feel god will love to see his children care about more than material things, the idea that you thought of this contraption to save fish after being caught tells a lot about your morals and way of life. i hope you and your family are blessed. we as people should create devices like this to save each other from drugs and violence. peace to you friend..

  6. infact i can see a major problem with this , You pearce its swim bladder equalising the preasure at sea level and leaving a hole in the bladder , You then release the fish where it swims to the bottom under extream preasure .. What do you suppose is going to happen???

    Well obviously its swim bladder will now fill with water…..

  7. Piercing of the bladder (or 'Fizzing') is a contraversial method of depressurizing a fish.
    as there is no conclusive study to say that Fizzing improves survival. it may improve short-term
    survival however due to possible fungal infection or damage to tissues the fish can often die from secondary
    issues, however this does depend on the species of fish.

  8. shit man thats what happend to this huge hybrid i caught but i didnt know what to do with it so we just put em back in the water but i think he ended up dyin

  9. I think both are pretty goddamn fun. Especially if you are fishing from the shore you can bait a still rig for carp and actively search for the bass. Neither fish is better than the other.

  10. I cant understand why so many "bass fisherman" think this is a money making scheme. What did the bass in the beginning of the video float for him so he could make some money on a "fake" product.

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