Flipping Giant Bass in Grass – JT’s Fishing Secrets

This bass fishing how to preview clip is part of a 55-minute seminar by JT Kenney. **For a limited time** watch this and hundreds of other seminars with promo code TRYBU at for a 10 day free preview!

JT Kenney is a grass fishing wizard. His full seminar is packed with information on how to catch bass in grass. He covers: selecting between jigs, punch rigs and heavy texas rigs, getting bass hooked and into the boat, what grass and vegetation to target, and where big bass live. This seminar will save you hours of frustration as JT Kenney shares his decades of matted vegetation fishing experience, so you don’t miss that fish of a lifetime.


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  1. Rad video man. I just came across your channel and love your content! You got a sub from me! If you haven't yet, could you check out my channel? I'm at 550 subscribers and am really trying to grow, also doing a giveaway REALLY soon! If not it'ts all good but hoping we ca do a sub for sub type deal. Hahah anyways man awesome video and ill be watching them all now!

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