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Florida Golf Course Pond Bass Fishing

Florida Golf Course Pond Bass Fishing

Soon after having surgery on both hands, I made a last minute decision to take trip down to Florida to visit my parents and I did not forget the bass fishing gear. They live in retirement community with a golf course that has some incredible ponds that are loaded with bass. I started with fluke, but the lipless crankbait was what the bass really wanted! The golf course pond bass fishing in Florida is just getting started!!!

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31 thoughts on “Florida Golf Course Pond Bass Fishing

  1. Kinda makes me wonder if the cork handle grip was what was hurting your hand. Maybe during the recovery phase you try a eva foam handle. Nice job breaking down the water and establishing a pattern though. Tough to do in pressured water. Coming out of that bring around that little bridge going with the current looks like a great ambush point.

  2. Way to go ! Speedy recovery with your hands . It's good to see you fishing . Happy New Year to you as well.

  3. Hi Cornell! I also just had hand surgery for a ruptured tendon in my ring finger. I can’t wait to get back to fishing either. I wish you good luck with your recovery!!!

  4. Missed the weather is right 14 degrees in Laurel and it snowed this morning. Just enough to screw up people going to work on Saturday morning.

  5. Jealous! I told my wife the other day that we need to start vacationing in Florida once our kids are older. Because… Disney World. Yeah, that's it 😉

  6. Man what a trooper! Didn't think I'd see another video from you till it warmed up! But yet to my surprise you are still doing it even with the back and hand problems. Props! Thanks for being committed to your subscribers!!

  7. Welcome back to the Sunshine State. Wow… trigger finger does not sound good. Hope it heals up quickly for you. I haven't fished any flukes lately but they've been killing the suspended Rapala baits here in Central Florida. That Ima is killing it too!! Funny how that bite just shut down! Try a popper at sun up!! Great video as always! Thanks for posting!!

  8. If i was down there. I would try to roll my hospital bed out to fish in conditions like that!! We have had around 12in + of snow in the last day or so and temps were -9 degrees F this afternoon.

  9. Awesome! Get better soon and enjoy your break. It’s only suppose to be 18* high temp Friday in MD…hopefully you find some more lunkers down there.

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