Football Jig Fishing Tips

Here I explain how I usually fish my football jigs and in what situation. Also, what to look for and the different trailers that can be used on them. They catch big bass just like many other jigs!

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33 Replies to “Football Jig Fishing Tips”

  1. Serious question: does purple work as good as blue? I’ve always been told in dirtier water go for black & blue, black & red, or straight black. In cleaner water, natural as possible. Being newer to fishing, I’ve started noticing people using colors such as okeechobee craw, which is a GP/blue combo. Now recently, I’ve seen people have a lot of luck In lightly stained with pb&j or green pumpkin purple jigs? So, what gives? I understand purple is a shade of blue, but, I’ve never known it to be a “natural” color, so to speak. Sorry for the noob question, just kinda confuses me.

  2. Is this a better for warmer weather/water or will it work now that water is cooling off in the southeast?

  3. Y does so many people care how he sets the hook , I stand behind you brother ripe there faces off lol

  4. A hollow bodied frog has a worse hook up ratio than the football jig. Do you ever fish on Lake Fork?

  5. Lakeforkguy, thank you. i just recently really got serious about fishing and i love your channel man. i skip past google for help/tips/ or just to watch some bass get tore up and come here.

  6. It seems like you fish this lake alot and your hook up ratio on it compared to anywhere else you fish is not the best. What's up with that?

  7. What the hell are you doing the way you strike to set the hook is ridiculous lol try and calm down you ain't trying to pull the fishes head off

  8. I love your Vids man . you and the googan squad really got me into bass fishing . KEEP UP THE AWSOME VIDS.

  9. nice vid brother. took the same style jig and popped on a brushhog to a local pond and punched through algae. landed 5 bass over 3 pounds. my new favorite early fall bait hands down. Thanks for the video man! Represent TX!

  10. The refinery in the background is just the water cooling tanks cooling down the water so when the water is put back into the lake the hot water won't kill the fish

  11. Awesome video and tip. I managed to catch my first bass on a football head jig. Come check out the video. As always happy fishing and tight lines. Fish On!

  12. is it me, or do some of these guys "set the hook" extreme as alll hell over the top?? lol it looks goofy as hell to me, almost like ur literally gonna rip the damn hook right thru their entire lip lol, i have a smooth easy upward jerk and alwaysss set the hook just fine

  13. I wish I had more confidence in a jig. I can't seem to get anything but snags. I will have to keep trying I guess.

  14. These jigs are heavy as fuck. I tried to sling one out far and Idk how but I forgot to press the button and bout broke mah damn wrist.

  15. you got yourself a subscriber ! Imma learn to fish from you my man. I bought alot of lures that I don't know how to use and you my friend…..will teach me

  16. Hello, I have been catfishing for the past 5 years and have decided to fish for other fish. Learning different techniques, my question is why do you reel the fish in so quickly. The cats are easy to feel when they hit and when they bite it's easy to hook them. Bass fishing I am sure has an entire different feel, any suggestions for a newbie? Thanks Bro.

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