Frog Fishing in Heavy Cover for Largemouth Bass


Getting School’d with JP DeRose – Season 2 (Exclusive to WFN – World Fishing Network)
Taking frog fishing to the jungle. Fishing weedless frogs in the thick cover and uncovering secrets that the pros use when selecting the right rod reel and line.


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24 Replies to “Frog Fishing in Heavy Cover for Largemouth Bass”

  1. The knot might slip or the rod tip break, but unless that bass is wrapped in 15lbs of weeds, it ain't breaking.

  2. I'm a So. Cal. to Cent. Fl. transplant, and been fishing the many lakes in Winter Haven. Most fisherman think I'm nuts when I fish a 4" (thin) sluggo on 5 lb. test mono/flurocarbon in the lily pads. but I haven't lost a fish on that rig yet. About 30 or so fish over 2 years. Range 1 to 3 lbs. I also catch them on 40lb. braid using frogs, bigger fin-s fish and sluggos. my point is 65 lb. test is indestructable, but not required. the battles are much more exciting, and I always backreel.

  3. I absolutely PROMISE you there is NO way that if that gut was using 8 lb. mono, he wouldn't have landed a single one of those fish. Not One.

  4. You can believe that, and i agree that he would have landed LESS, not because of breaking off, but because 8 lb mono stretches too much to get a hookset with frogs. But I know it's possible to land SOME because I landed a bass on a frog with 8 lb mono myself. You don't hook nearly as many, but it is possible. I'm barely worried about breaking off at all. Breaking off doesn't occur nearly as much as the 'pros' like to say. They just have to justify using 20 lb line for a 3 lb fish.

  5. Im not saying you cant land any fish on a frog with 8 lb. mono. all im saying is in this video and the thickness of what he was fishing. You wouldn't have been able to pull it out.

  6. So he could have just gone over to it. See, for the sake of a tournament,yes, you need to be able to MUSCLE the fish out of the cover, but I'm a light tackle fisherman. I fish for crappie, pike, bass, and catfish, and the heaviest rod i use is a mediumlight rod…heaviest line is 6 lb test (unless I'm using braid, which I usually do not use). I fish for bass and pike in cover and when I get them, I often have to 'coax' them out..which usually involves waiting a long time. I like the challenge.

  7. There's no stretch at all, in ANY lb test braided line. It's just a quality that braid has, no matter the pound test, there is no stretch in braid. They use 65 lb braid because they never have to retie….that's because 65 lb braid has the diameter of i think it was 16 lb line, and also, it's very very abrasion resistant…it's not weird to hear of people using braid for an entire year sometimes if they are not pros. It's mostly just for the convenience of its toughness.

  8. thats my point, but i do understand when fishing, people can use whatever they wanted to use, light lines with heavy rod, light rod with heavy lines, hooks and stuff, but if the combination of your tackle isnt mix it right, you not gonna be very success at it. thats why you should use a saw or chainsaw instead of a knife when you wanna cut down a tree. thats exactly my point.

  9. Honestly these guys are all just salesmen. you get 30 seconds of tips in between 10 minutes of commercials. Use the stuff you have unless its completely useless. I still watch the shows and by no means saying that they don't know what they are talking about, but don't get hung up on all the technical gear stuff. just tie your rig on whatever rod is available and best for the job and GO FISHING!

  10. how is he trying to sell you anything? He never once pitches a brand or tells you to buy this. He is giving you advice for what type of equipment that he recommends

  11. when using the spro frog in thick THICK vegetation, like lily pads, 8lb mono just wouldn't do the trick. if that hook gets caught on a pad you are going to snap your line and lose the fish. you are right, you could catch a bass on 8lb mono but if you are going to fish the heavy cover save yourself the headache and go with 30lb to 50lb braid. that always allows me to pull that fish out of the pads. you could also tie on a flouro or mono leader to the braid as well!

  12. great video. but I disagree with the rod length 7'11" is to long for most people to work a frog. 7'2" to 7'4" is plenty. fast action is better than xf imo. I also use 65lb braid.

  13. Sw florida, i use ultalight with 6 lb panfish line for frog fishin. And medium 6.5 ft pole for plugs and worms. I will say the ultralite is fun as hell but not when you see the Hoss in the other end. Lol

  14. hi JP or anybody is a st Croix mojo musky rod mm72xhf 7'3" x heavy 1pc good for heavy slop frog fishing

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