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Frog Fishing Tips for Largemouth Bass

Come mid-late summer, FLW Tour pro Terry Bolton is ready to set the deep-water ledge rods down for some shallow topwater excitement. Hollow body frogs are always a must-try when water temps rise above 50 degrees…basically spawn through late fall. Terry shares some location pointers, and how to work the bait under different conditions. In the process, we also learn about some cool design innovations that make the Terminator frog easy to cast and work with a walking the dog cadence.

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12 thoughts on “Frog Fishing Tips for Largemouth Bass

  1. Terry describes the rod as a 7' 2" Lew's MH Magnum Bass TWO rod. What does the "TWO" stand for?
    They have two rods in this length so I want to make sure I purchase the correct one. Thanks!

  2. What frog lure was that? Terry talked about how he liked the weight placement, but I guess I haven't kept up on new lures enough to know the make and model of that one.

  3. What is an ideal gear ratio for the reel when frog fishing? Also, are there any modifications made to the legs of the frog (trimmed to be shorter, for example)? Nice video.

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