GEOBASS Season 2: Black Bass in Papua New Guinea by Costa Sunglasses

#GEOBASS Season 2: Papua New Guinea

After criss crossing the planet last year in a quest to locate and catch unique bass species, the four #GEOBASS anglers are back at it in 2015!

The Crew returns to Papua New Guinea in hopes of redeeming
themselves from their catastrophic trip last year with a slew of new challenges.

Thanks to our friends for being a part of the adventure!
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42 Replies to “GEOBASS Season 2: Black Bass in Papua New Guinea by Costa Sunglasses”

  1. When are yall gonna do an outer banks stripped bass episode? Thanks for the awesome shows and fishing for fish i may never see in my lifetime living in western nc. Cant wait for the next episode and to all those sitting behind a key board running your mouths i want to see you do it

  2. So, why is it, that Gong Li, can catch PNG Black Bass with a fresh water rod and reel, and these bozos have to use 100 pound braid and salt water gear? I catch 30 to +40 pound Striped Bass with a heavy power, fresh water rod, and a Calcutta reel, spooled with 20 pound mono? Were I fish, there is heavy cover, and yes, I get taken into the trees at times. Once the fish get into the tree branches, it makes no difference if you are using 20 pound mono or 100 pound braid, it's over. You can't stop a big fish from getting into the trees, if the trees are near by, and they are usually near by, where I fish. Big fish that have just been hooked,are like big bucks who have just been shot, they head into heavy cover.

  3. Utter bullshit! A video made to get American fisherman down to the fishing resorts of PNG, SO you can be financially raped by them. Watch Gong Li's videos fishing for Papuan Black Bass. He uses heavy fresh water tackle and kicks Black Bass ass. Remember fisherman, everything is always about getting your $$$$ out of your wallet into their pockets. A good round shimano baitcaster, filled with 50 lb Braid and a good 61/2 ft. heavy power fast action rod wil handle any Black Bass. I have landed many Striped Bass over 30 lbs and several over 45lb with a abu Garcia 6500C. I did put some different drag washers in the reel and added a power handle. I landed all these fish on 20 lb mono. Maxima or Big Game. Mono is better than Braid in my opinion for hard striking fish and more forgiving. Much cheaper also. Braid is much better when you are dragging plastic for Bass, and you want more sensitivity. Braid and fluorcarbon prices are outrageous, because the fishing tackle companies are cashing in big time on the fisherman willing to pay any price, for something they think they need to have to catch a fish. Fishing shows are about selling you something you don't really need to catch a fish.

  4. they always do great fishing videos these guys that women in the boat no wonder she was going on like this there no way she would ever seen about like that that far up river

  5. This t.v. show is like one big commercial. All I see are action shots, then you get to hear all the cheers. I'm getting dizzy watching this show. "omg that was the best fight of my life that was amazing" me sitting here not getting to see any of it.

  6. Fascinating. I find out it's like in West Papuan (Indonesia). Some lands/forests/rivers are property of some tribes and no one dares to pick up fruits, chop off trees, spear fishes without tribes' permission. We usually brings food (noodles, rice, ketchup, salty fish) and clothes. We just give them away or barter with fruits/vegetable. Great Video guys.

  7. Hey guys!  Great show, but these fish aren't black bass!  Don't know what they are for sure, but one looked like a Nile Perch (in New Guinea??11) the others looked like some sort of Cichlid species.  Get yourself a real Fisheries Scientist that can tell you what they really are if you don't think it will spoil the show's theme of Black Bass in New Guinea.  Of course, as a Fisheries Scientist myself, I think it's more fun to know what species they really are.  But I'm enjoying the show even if the fish are miss identified.

  8. Only issue I have with this vid is the whole thing feels like a trailer to the actual video I would kill to see like an hour or two hour edit of the snippets you give us in these 20min videos.

  9. You guys don't obviously need to take a trip to ICAST to see real equipment. The best line you can buy which we use in our tuna fishing is Jerry Browne. You buy the best you wont have the issues like you did the last trip. When your crap equipment failed.

  10. This show is just so good. Make it two hours slap a 10$ price tag on it and put it in a theater.  I can promise you that you would make atleast 50$ when I go see 5 times. Love this show just wish were longer

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