Gerald Swindle catching a 10lber 2007 Bassmaster Elite Series

Gerald Swindle catching a 10lber on a jig during the 2007 Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament Golden Shoutout on Clear Lake


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  1. old video I know but for those saying he's a drama queen, if your fishing to win hundreds of thousands of dollars and caught a fish that size you'd be shitting a brick too

  2. I really like Gerald Dwindle. He is probably my favorite professional fisherman. He's funny without even trying to be. Extremely quick witted too. He has a little bit of everything in his personality. I think that's why I like him more than most of the other pro's. Every time we are having a bad day on Lake Guntersville fishing, my fishing buddy/tournament partner says, "I wish ol' Gerald Swindle was here in the boat, fishing up here beside me! If he was ,I'd turn around and kick him right in the balls for lying and telling me what an awesome lake, Guntersville is!!!" Lol…

  3. I can see in the video that gman purely loves to fish, he caught a 10 pound large mouth, hi fives the camara guy, says forget about the show, omg what a bass. this is the kinda pation we need in the sport of fishing. go gman, im coming for you!!

  4. Did anyone notice that the leaderboard showed Gerald moving into 4th at 105lb 8oz? 105lb 8oz – 97lb 0oz = 8lbs 8oz. That means the bass only weighed 8.5lbs…right?


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