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Getting cold water fish to bite – Bluegill, Bass, and Crappie fishing in winter!

Can YouTube help me become a better fisherman? In this video I make adjustments in order to find what they are biting. I start with a drop shot plasma tail and end up fishing a float rig. I manage to catch some nice bluegills, a nice crappie, and some small bass. In winter the fish can be finicky. So if you aren’t getting bit, try something else until you figure out what they want. I am fishing all of these rigs on a the Abu Garcia Black Max baitcast reel and an Ethos 7ft rod.


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37 thoughts on “Getting cold water fish to bite – Bluegill, Bass, and Crappie fishing in winter!

  1. Nice video. I like the fact that show you every cast is not a fish. You show it takes more than one cast and multiple lures to catch fish. This is REALISTIC FISHING. Thanks. I am enjoying your videos.

  2. Recently had very slow fishing tried a trout power bait eggs chartreuse for the heck of it catching bigger yellow perch and bluegill’s whatever it is they like it.

  3. Our pre-winter cool down is just starting and I've begun catching more bass. I had been doing a lot of micro fishing for bluegill and shiners etc. I give the shiners to my friend Norm. He's an older guy who's been fishing the area for 50 years. Every shiner I give him saves him anywhere from $1.50 to $2 at the bait shop. I'm working on a short documentary video on him for YT. Should be fun. Tight lines!

  4. Bout how deep do you think it was in that general area? I plan on going fishing a time or two again before the weather turns…..well, crappie. Ba-dun-tsh. And before the county lake closes for December and January. With it getting cooler, I'm guessing fish will be moving g to deeper water. And there is one spot there that is deep that can be accessed for bank restricted anglers. Damn just over to the left of the lake entrance. Gets around 18-20 feet deep there I believe.

  5. It is a really nice crappie. Just saw my neighbor who caught his personal best crappie and I think it's bigger than the one you caught by about 2 in. He didn't measure it but it was a giant.

  6. I'm QUITE impressed with the H2O Express rods, I just picked up a Delta for $19.99 and it is by far the best rod that I have purchased in the past 25 years, especially for he money.

  7. Great video to help me through the winter! The only thing I might suggest is lighter line. It seems pretty thick when you are retying your rig.

  8. I did sub. I like this video. You show what it actually takes. Those that fish can appreciate it. I will definitely add this type of footage into my vids. Fish on!

  9. hey what kind of gear are u using……im jus gettin into baitcasting fishing?……o and nice video man!

  10. Hey realistic I have my new vid coming out soon, it will not be the mtb one, but a video from earlier this summer

  11. I was just getting ready to say!!! you are deadly with dat rig……then you lost it!! Tis fishing…If your not getting hung up….your not crappie fishing!

  12. I know 1 thang!! you wont never go hungry!! that little jig is deadly huh!! Super Fantastic job!! as usual…smashed the thumbs up again!!

  13. you have some good videos very ummmmm…… Realistic lol!!!! I subbed you , hope you have a great 2017

  14. Nothing gets in the way of Realistic Fishing dangit! Who cares if its winter, there's fish to catch!

  15. That is really a nice looking spot to fish. I know with the spots i fish i have had the best luck with jigs and bobbers. Most of the ponds i am at are about 8 feet deep.

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