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Giant Largemouth Bass In February [Washington State]

I am so stoked to share this video with you! My buddy Josh and I had an unbelievable day of Bass Fishing in February! We have had an extremely mild winter in Washington State which is the reason why the water temps on Feb 15th were the same as they were last year on March 30th. This gave us the opportunity to catch some Largemouth Bass about a month earlier than we normally expect!

Josh landed a monster 6.83 lb Largemouth on a Spinnerbait! That qualifies as a Trophy Bass in Washington State! I landed a 5.48 lber and a 1.98 lber a Jig! This is the first time that the two of us have both landed giant bass on the same day! What an unforgettable experience!

Equipment Used:
7’11” H Abu Garcia Veritas Casting Rod
Shimano Chronarch CI4+ 151HG Spooled with 20 lb Berkley Vanish FLuorocarbon
1/4 Arkie Jig (Black n Blue) with Chunk Traile

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26 thoughts on “Giant Largemouth Bass In February [Washington State]

  1. Good fish and the bonus is you're catching them in February. I'm sending this cold Ohio weather your way. Great job.

  2. Nice job guys!!! Ughh wish i had that luck, im from washington to and cant catch a bass to save my life i dont know whats going on, im mostly a bank fisherman and most times the lakes i go to i feel like im the only one there fishing for bass haha, i go to battleground lake alot and have had no luck i use a wide variety of baits and need some advice as to what i may be doing wrong when i look i the lake i never see signs of life so i dont know whats going on….

  3. Great great job what lake is that? Also have you ever finished lacamous or Silverlake?

  4. Nice fish you guys, and a terrific attitude towards handling and keeping the fish in water during pictures and weighting. You set a great example for others to follow.

  5. What city is this cause i know and realize you dont want to say what lake it is and i understand you

  6. im 13 year old i loved fishing and i loved to bass fish and i live in washington i like to go lawrence lake to but i feel like i need to get in to bass fishing more and i like to watch your video but my pb bass is 3 pounds

  7. have you heard of Bradley lake in pierce county a few 8+ pound largemouth out of a small lake

  8. What lake is this? I just moved to western WA from the Midwest and the only fishing people seem to talk about is salt water and stream. Looking for some lakes to do some fishing that I am used to.

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