Giant Peacock Bass Crushes Spinnerbait | Fishing Amazon River pt.7


Giant peacock bass crushes a spinnerbait fishing in the fall dry season on the Amazon River


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39 Replies to “Giant Peacock Bass Crushes Spinnerbait | Fishing Amazon River pt.7”

  1. Great video… I can't help but mention that one of your reels sounds like a cartoon duck when you cast.

  2. LFG man I couldn't agree more on fishing being the ultimate therapy. In June I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, 3 weeks later I had surgery. They removed the tumor and part of my kidney. I spent 2 days in the hospital, I told my 9yr old son the day I came home get ready. I told him in 1 week we were going fishing now matter what. Now I wouldn't recommend this to everyone that has 6 incisions and 28 staples, but I so needed the time with my son my dad my best friend and just the "Smell of The night air" most importantly time with God. Didn't expect to catch the 8.20 lb catfish and fight for 20 min lol. But since I've been fishing alot. Don't have a boat but we've bank fished like crazy. I have taught my oldest son alot about bass fishing, and the importance of catch and release. But just wanted to say I relate to the therapy, even to the smell. Thank you for sharing your experiences with everyone and God Bless you my friend. You and your family are in my prayers.

  3. Winston has a Pisces Sportsfishing shirt. I have been to Cabo 10 times and fished with them every time. 33 Marlin, 19 Dorado, Roosterfish, Wahoo, Tuna … . Can't ask for more fun. Does he have a video of his trip with them? I would love to see it!
    – Tight Lines

  4. This has been the best series I've ever watched on YouTube. My father was stationed in Brazil on the Amazon, and I've grown up listening his stories. We've really been enjoying these videos together. I thought maybe 2 or 3 videos, but no! You just keep coming with it! Serious props LFG! What an amazing trip, thank you so much for bringing us along!

  5. Cracking Whips now !!!… "POW" 65lb braid like cotton …..
    Great Footage in 4K ….
    Keep on Catchin' those 'COCKS' ……………..
    Cheers "Down Under Mike"

  6. Wanna of these days you're gonna sniff of parasite right up your nose And that could be very unpleasant Lol. And you may not like that to much!!! Love your enthusiasm for fishing….much love to all

  7. It seemed like every time you cast, you got one! I know that a lot of editing does that but, seriously, you were catching them!!!

  8. I wish the favorite website would let me give you guys my money. Trying to order a rod and can't get anywhere

  9. I love your show, your friends and family. I hope and pray for you and your family every day! I can't walk very well (4 herniated discs) and watching you really helps me feel like I am out doing the things I love with you all! Thank you for giving me hope and letting me be a part of your journey!

  10. Ahh the one that got away… that’s what keeps us coming back for more and keeps our fishing dreams alive!!!!

  11. LFG. I have to agree with some of the other comments you amazon videos have been some of your best work. The only vid's that are better of course are the one's with the lovely and beautiful OSG.

  12. No longer See a reason to comment. His channel has grown so much not that it is a bad thing but he never sees your comment.

  13. Hands down favorite youtuber hands down mad respect for you and winston. God gives us the gift of today with no promises for tomorrow. Make every cast count!!!

  14. Good friends and family are what life is about and it seems to me you have the best of both. Keep living life and doing what’s right and everything else will figure itself out.

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