HERE is Where the BASS Are! Shallow Water Fishing SECRETS

Ever wonder where the bass are, all year long? This video is full of secrets to help you find bass on shallow water cover, in any season. Watch as Gluszek and Roumbanis, both accomplished bass fishing tournament anglers, dissect shallow water areas: grass, timber, rock, points, dropoffs and more, to help you understand when to target certain high-percentage areas, and what baits/lures they recommend to use for catching bass at that time, in that particular shallow water cover. This video was filmed on Lake El Salto, a big bass haven, with the Angler’s Inn.

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3 Replies to “HERE is Where the BASS Are! Shallow Water Fishing SECRETS”

  1. Why would you want to limit yourself to being a certain lure presentation kind of fishermen

  2. This is definitely helpful. The bass move back and forth depending upon the weather too. Subscribed… hopefully you will enjoy the content on my channel enough to do the same.

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