High Water Walleye Stockton Mo 5 6 17 and a New Hat

All fish were caught in 35 feet of water. I could not get anything but bass in shallow water in the middle of the day.
Thank you to Binks Pro Spoons
Bud & Gloria’s Bait and Tackle


10 Replies to “High Water Walleye Stockton Mo 5 6 17 and a New Hat”

  1. I passed you on my way to State Park Marina! Slowed down a bit to see if it was you and told the wife I thought that was the guy from YouTube! LOL
    The funny part is I told her it might not be because of that new hat!!! You had better luck than us on that day … (she skunked me with I a nice keeper crappie!)
    I have to try that method you use…

  2. Pretty awesome Dan. Amazing they were that deep with the high water you are fighting. Well done. I still have not caught a walleye in Missouri this year. I will Tuesday. Good looking spoon by the way but horrible jig color.

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