How Do You Carry Your Worms?

How do you carry your live worms while fishing? Do you just carry the worm container around with you while you fish? Is not this kind of a pain in the butt, especially if you move around a lot? It sure was for me. That is until my fishing mentor introduced me to the convenience of the bait bag. He came up with the concept more than twenty years ago, and it's the simplest and most effective apparatus that I've ever been exposed to.

It's simply a bag that's used to carry your bait while fishing, and it's especially great for live worms. I'm going to let you in on my mentors' 'invention', so that you can begin using a bait bag. You can either do what he did or buy a bigger and cooler one from JRWfishing, the choice is yours, but the bottom line is that you need to be using a bait bag to carry your worms.

The original bait bag that my mentor used was simply a cut off sock. He would cut the toe end off of a sock, and simply pin it top his fishing vest. Then he would take the worms from the container that he bought them in and transfer them into the sock (bait bag). Not the dirt, just the worms. And the worms would stay in the sock the entire time that he was fishing. They did not even crawl out; they just sit there waiting to be used. I started doing the same thing and it was great. What a great idea and it was so simple! The only problem with the sock bait bag is it's size. One container of worms is this homemade bait bag's limit.

Nowadays bait bags can be purchased from JRWfishing That are On by big road for a couple of containers of worms, and are On much Easier on the eyes View than an old Appearances sock. These bait bags are much more durable than an old sock as well. The bottom line is that you should begin employing a bait bag to carry your worms while fishing. Leave those stupid containers in your vehicle and just take the worms fishing. Then when you're done fishing, simply return the unused worms to their container and put them in the fridge until your next fishing trip. What could be simpler?

Source by Trevor Kugler

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