How To Bass Fish From Shore | Lucky Tackle Box Tips


Want to learn how to fish with finesse from the shore?

In this Lucky Tackle Box video, Travis Moran will show you how!

This video features Mizmo Bait’s Doodle Worm — one of the five baits found in the July Bass Lucky Tackle Box, which can be purchased here —

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23 Replies to “How To Bass Fish From Shore | Lucky Tackle Box Tips”

  1. I would definitely love to see more shore fishing videos and techniques. Thank you Travis. Love my LTB box. The catfish box. Hope that gets better.

  2. I would like to see some more shore videos with different style lures and soft baits. I dont own a boat so all my fishing is done from the shore.

  3. Bank fishing is all I get to do so it would be nice to incorporate more videos concerning how to fish different baits from shore.

  4. definitely more shore fishing videos. That's 90 percent of my fishing. hitting up ponds after work.

  5. Where I live, you don't dare drop anything in the weed, because you will not get it back, even if it's just a light sniker

  6. Great video! I would love to see more shore fishing videos, what size weight do you like to use for shore fishing?

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