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How to Catch Bass in Deep Water

Hey fellow fishing freaks! This video is the extra long educational version of the deep water structure fishing montage. Click the link to check it out!

I’m hoping that this will answer some of the questions you guys have had about finding and catching bass on offshore structure. There are lots of ways to catch them, but here I show a few of my favorite techniques that I have caught fish on at a variety of lakes. If you have a big high dollar graph or a small cheapo, learning what fish look like on your electronics is critical for knowing if you are in the right place to catch fish.

If you are having trouble understanding what you are staring at on your graph, I recommend taking a day and studying your graph, and stopping to fish when you think you see some good cover, structure, of fish. That is the best way to learn how to translate what is on the graph to what you feel underwater.



28 thoughts on “How to Catch Bass in Deep Water

  1. We're you just casting around your marker buoy or at least where you would have put your marker buoy

  2. I'm struggling trying to find deep fish in the lake I fish (Tygart WV)  Should I look for the 25 foot depth, or deeper?  Also what colors on football jig?

  3. I love it!! I learned so much on your videos. I don't know if you have one on fall transition but if you do put the link down for me. Thx!

  4. oh my gosh man you're hilarious! definitely learned a lot and had a great laugh the whole time. he had a hook coming out of his bleeeeeep hahaha. good vid man. I like to watch your old videos when there isn't any new ones i haven't seen.

  5. Just listened to hook and arrow pod cast about catching big bass and then 4 year old gem popped on my YouTube. I too shall now join the share lunker hunt. Just grabbed me some big spoons from tacklewarehouse. Good video. You crack me up

  6. So do you actually mark the fish with your buoy and then back your boat off and cast towards it? Or use the buoy as a reference point to keep your boat in the same spot?

  7. great video. deep water is not my comfort zone. hoping this helps me find fish deep this season.

  8. I can slay the fish when they are on structure/banks and docks but i can't seem to figure out deep water fishing. More so when they are suspended than when they are on the bottom. Say the water depth was 45' and the fish are suspended at 20'. would dragging a Carolina rig across the bottom still be effective or would that require a lure that would get down to the depth the fish are suspended at like a freak or 6xd?

  9. Very informative video. Any deep water tips are greatly appreciated. would you change anything about these baits if the fish were in 40-50 ft of water instead 25?

  10. I was just wondering, LakeForkGuy, I have watched a lot of your videos and have yet to see one filmed on Lake Fork. I guess I haven't selected the right one yet where you are actually fishing on Lake Fork.

  11. Hey, are you just fan casting around that marker buoy or what? I know the fish moved and you had to relocate them but, in general, how far do you stray from the marker buoy once you've located the school? Also, do you just drop the marker buoy right on top of the school or just near them( in order to not spook them I guess)?
    Thank you, I really enjoy your videos.


  12. lol….loved the song at the end…only laughing cause I didnt expect it….great info on off shore deep fishing….I have a hard time knowing when to set the hook on a football rig….I can feel the bite but fish never there….I feel the bump bump and reel down and set the hook, what am I doing wrong…got to where I dont want to fish it at all…..great video thanks for sharing.

  13. welp came here to learn how to catch fish in deep water cause my shore is likr 15-30 feet down but i dont have electronics…

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