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How to Catch Bass in Winter on Sunny Days

Muddy water can be your friend on a sunny day in the winter time. Think like a lizard to find where bass might be when they are trying to warm up and get a meal. Tight lines fishing freaks!

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25 thoughts on “How to Catch Bass in Winter on Sunny Days

  1. Great video! Very true about the bright colors, caught a 6 lb toad on a white spinner bait when it was barely 35 degrees out. Keep up the good work sir!

  2. would just like to add alil something never forget the A-rig in clear water lakes when it gets cold outside its deadly (i promise i ive won 2 tournys that) but its a random tip thing most probably know it by now but just sayin. TIGHT LINES!!

  3. Nice video.  Once the ice is gone, I will put your tips to use up here.  I liked the point regarding the area where you were fishing and the depth locator showing the structure.  That point helps us by giving us something we can adapt to lakes in the areas that we fish.  Also, I have a suggestion, I know your girlfriend is good with a baitcasting outfit.  Maybe you could have her give tips on how to use baitcasting outfits, or other fishing tips, in the future.  There are most likely other girls and woman that may find the baitcasting outfits complicated or hard to use.  Maybe your girlfriend could offer tips that made it easy for her.  My wife likes to use the Zebco 33, which is ok, but there are times that a baitcasting outfit (a winch on a rod) can get those fish to the boat.

  4. I didn't catch if you mentioned South facing banks in the video, Justin. If you did I missed it.

    South facing banks will get the predominant sunlight throughout the day in Winter and if they have heat holding structure (like mentioned) they'll generally attract the bass unless other conditions keep them off the area.

  5. Thanks for the tips.Watched this video this morning and went out this evening and caught my biggest bass ever using your techniques!

  6. I literally fished all day today, no bites. threw a chartreuse Berkeley flicker minnow and caught 3 in 15 mins. not huge size but an obvious difference

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