How to Catch BIG Bass – Bass Fishing Tips


In this video I go over how to catch the bass of a lifetime. Catching a big bass is every anglers dream. If can often be frustrating to get the big girls to bite. Catching a big bass is all about location and presentation. Throughout the year bass move from shallow water in the spring to deep creek channels in the summer. It is important to follow these bass on their movement to improve your odds of catching one! Follow along in this video and take some notes on how I target GIANT bass! This video was part of an hour long seminar I did at the River City Fishing Expo.

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44 Replies to “How to Catch BIG Bass – Bass Fishing Tips”

  1. how to actually catch big bass: get a 5/0 hook and a small bluegill/roachfish. caught multiple ten lb+ like this. i know you can on public waters but if your in a private pond and you want the big boy thats how you do it.
    my pb was caught like this and wieghed 12lb 4oz. (my best on lure is 11lb 2oz on a culprit artificial worm)

  2. Cant see the display screen too well that you are presenting. Maybe next video do a split screen. Else….great job

  3. Ok so you said Iowa right. Ok here in Fort Dodge my Uncle runs this magazine called the Iowa Sportsman. And he actually manufactures the Iowa sportsman Atlas. It has a map of all the hunting and fishing grounds that are located in Iowa. All you have to do is stop by the Iowa Outdoors Store. And ask for your copy. They are like 24 dollars and are very useful.
    The Address: 1597 3rd Ave NW, Fort Dodge, IA 50501

  4. Great job Andrew! Just subbed!! I wanted to know if your Powerpoint presentation is available for download? It is difficult for me to see during your presentation.

  5. Big ups to you man getting up in front of those people and speaking on something your passionate about. Props.

  6. My question is what type of rod and reel for the different types of bait? Artificial or real. I keep hearing that certain rods are better for certain baits. Can you explain this please.

  7. lolling at the click bait title. but just my two cents on the topic, just throw bigger baits consistently. ive spent more time fishing last year than I ever did before, and I caught more trophy bass than ever before. all on big baits. I throw a big bait from the time the water thaws (I live in northeast Illinois) to when the air temp gets cold enough to make my finger numb. then I start to go alittle smaller, and alittle more subtle. big bass are most often caught, at least for me, in the summer, when the sun is about to go down, the hour before dark is prime big bass time. throw a large swimbait, at least 5.5in. I either use a shellcracker g2, or a keitech swing impact FAT 5.8in. throw them everyday, and eventually, a big fish will come

  8. hey I was wondering if you could do a video on when to throw different techniques. how you decide when its best to throw a certain bait.

  9. What's a good technique for this weekend Andrew? Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri and it's going to be 60 degrees but it's been in the 30's and below for the past month+. Pretty dirty water and very large lake.

  10. Good video flair, I'm fishing at Clearlake this spring, and plan on breaking my and your pb hahaha

  11. I liked the video and loved actually being there. Being in this video was the highlight of my year!!!! Keep up the good work

  12. nice video man, can you make some more tip videos on fishing weather patterns. and and mabee an in depth pre or post spawn video?

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