How To Catch Large Mouth Bass At Crane Prairie Oregon


An information video on how the Central Oregon Fishing Report team catches our large mouth bass out at Crane Prairie Reservoir Oregon


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5 Replies to “How To Catch Large Mouth Bass At Crane Prairie Oregon”

  1. You guys have to get me out there with my flyrod to hook into one of those big bassAwesome video by the way I think I just found my new favorite channel

  2. Have you ever tried soaking crawlers in ice and cold water for 8 hours and then fishing them? It really beefs them up. Nice run down on the conditions and what covers to look for. I subbed your channel. I have a modified West Coast worm technique on my channel called stitching. Feel free to check it out, and sub if you like.

  3. Have you noticed any of the signs of them having parasites or worms on their fins? Or the blackening of the belly at Crane? We fish the South umpqua a lot for them and notice during this time of year they always turn a tad icky looking.

    Oh and I thought I'd let you know about Hagg lake in Gaston oregon if u havent already been it's a great bass lake.

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