How to Catch Largemouth Bass in the Winter!

Watch in HD! A complete guide to winter fishing. Please refer back to this video all season long for winter fishing tips and tricks. Thanks for watching, and check out the links below!


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  1. Boy it has been hard. 44 degree water temps sunny days (I do all of my fishing in So Cal. Pyramid Lake). None of my fishing buddies have learned to catch fish in cold water. We are used to cranking flukes and resorting to drop shot in spring and fall. I've recently been watching lots of videos and went out and bought a bunch of stuff. I catch 99% of my fish on drop-shot Margarita Madness robos White large fluke and live shad when available. I can't seem to get out of this box… One of my fishing buddy catches tons of fish most of the year. He was impressed with all my new goodies and went out and bought pretty much everything i just got. This new information I'm learning on the internet doesn't seem to apply to the conditions I'm running into. I went out today, the wind really picked up. I thru everything I had,, I was hoping to come back with some good news, but nothing. Today, I used jerk, jigs with trailers grubs Rapla Rap X and so on. We are going out Monday I really hope we can figure this out. I get to the lake 4-6x a month. We've been fishing this lake for a couple of years now and never figured this cold water thing out.. At this point, I'm willing to try anything.. I have a fish finder and just figured out how to dial it in. I can see them everywhere in 40-125 ft of water. Feel like I'M venting, but I could really use some solid advice.I am starting to feel some hope, after stumbling onto these videos and now having some new rigs to work with The boys and would appreciate any advice.

  2. So here it is, i got one of these Chinese swimbaits, they are almost all made in china anyways, almost anything you see at basspro. so these off ebay, today i got it in the mail, the one that is the first there in their ebay listing, the most lifelike one, its exactly the one on the pictures with the caught bass down there in the description. guess what its not even wood, its plastic, and seems pretty high quality, i am surprised! the finish also seems no bull, based on that i think of getting at least one more.
    Ones in basspro that resemle this plastic one I got off ebay, in the basspro its the one that on the higher end, and cost more than any rubber ones. for this plastic one basspro wants high twenty and up around 50. If the finish will stay well while using it, then this could be named absolute steal, I am actually very happy

  3. Listen up !!!!! Fishingallday, young enough to be my son and wise enough to be my granddad. Honestly, I've seen most of his videos and must say that this guy is giving you a very professional fishing tutoral / analysis……. don't steer away from the fact this nice "SUPER SAVY" boy can teach you a thing or two about BASS Fishing …….

  4. Hey thanks for the info. I'm a boat-less pond fisherman in Northern NJ. Our Bass have lock jaw when the water gets cold like you wouldn't believe. And whats worse the deep part of the pond I fish is just out of casting range. I think i'm gonna try my salt water rigs with maybe some 20 lb braid to get the distance out to the holes. But then I'm gonna have the subtle bite challenge. They stock this pond with trout, but that has no interest for me. Waste of money if you ask me. Wish they'd take that money and improve the structure and foster the native fish in the pond. Anyway Happy New year and tight lines to ya.

  5. Hey awesome video. I didn't get it, but was punchbuggy trailer good for flip/pitching? It looks like a warmer water type swim jig trailer…which I've not had luck with by the old jig: tap tap….wait……tap tap cadence.

  6. I've been watching "how to" videos for fishing for a long, long time.  Thank you for showing the the baits so closely and having the descriptions of the parts and purposes.  So many people assume everyone knows the very basics.  Your descriptions put the other guys in the dust.  That's coming from a 50 year old guy.. casual fisherman.. who enjoys catching fish.  I'll be watching more of your stuff.

  7. i saw the video with some of your crazy new piercings.That new leg piercing is quite fashionable. Its sure to catch on here in Cali. I'll be sportin a flippin hook nose piercing this spring. Keep the latest trends coming in future vids. Peace.

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