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How To Catch River Bass | Bass Fishing

River bass tips & tactics – Learn how to catch big largemouth and smallmouth bass in rivers – what to use, how to use them and where to fish them, all combined to help you locate and catch more and bigger bass in river and current conditions.

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30 thoughts on “How To Catch River Bass | Bass Fishing

  1. Awesome information. It is very helpful. I live in Charleston sc have you ever fished the Santee river? If so do you have any specific suggestions for that river. I have a hard time catching anything on it. Thanks

  2. Thanks for an overview of river fishing. I've had a difficult time catching fish on rivers because it is difficult to read. Tides, shoreline, shadows, depth all pose a challenge finding bass. What works on one river doesn't necessarily work on another. Where do bass go in the river when the tide changes? Are they supposed to be lazy and stay where they don't need to expel energy? Deeper water? Thanks for any helpful advice.

  3. very helpful. just moved from south Florida's small slow moving shallow streams that we call rivers to West Virginia's large fast moving rivers. Its a totally different world so thank you for the exact information I was looking for.

  4. Another great video. Been fishing the flats and islands on the Columbia with ok results, but haven't been out "chasing" the eddies in the current, gotta try your suggestions. BTW what part of the Columbia do you fish? looks flat and calm compared to Stevenson…. , thanks again Glenn.

  5. Also, I think it's interesting how similar it is to fish a large river as a small one. I fly fish for trout on small fast rivers often and when you were talking about fishing eddys in the Columbia it just kinda took me by surprise because it's so huge that I don't even think about it producing eddys, ha. I guess they're just super-sized.

  6. Great, and informative as all of your videos are. Since you spend some time out west, are there any lakes dams or rivers that you can recommend on the Olympic peninsula that produce? Thanks bud.

  7. Great video! Finally a river fishing video. How would you classify the Delta in terms of clarity? What about marinas, can one use those to switch current intensities when bank fishing a river? Just a hopeful suggestion, maybe explaining the components of the river, like eddy, wingdam, a sharp turn etc. Is there a way to reliably measure the current in terms of, fast or slow current? What 'speed' is the cutoff between a fast and slow current?

  8. Great information and guidance! One question, how do you fish a slow river in high water? My local river is very slow and dirty. I've had somewhat consistent success at normal water levels but when the water gets high I can't seem to find them. Also this river mainly contains smallies. Thanks!

  9. great input and guidence man. I admire you doing what you love doing, fishing.. most importantly sharing what you love with others. thanks for all you do!!!

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