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How to catch striper Tips and Tricks ~ Lake Lanier

Today we are going to show you some tips and tricks for how to catch striper, our friend who is a fishing guide on Lake Lanier, Captain Mack invited us to come fishing with him today. We will be using big parker spoons to try to catch these striper. It was a windy day so I am providing commentary over the video explaining what we were doing. The depth finder is showing a school around 50 ft so we will drop the rig to about 60 and really rip it back up reeling as fast as we can to about 30 ft then dropping back down to 60ft. The idea is to get the bait down below the school about 10ft and reel as fast as you can to trigger the striper to want to bite. We also trolled using a umbrella rig, the boat was moving around 3 MPH and the line was out around 115ft behind the boat. We had two rigs out while we were trolling when we hook up on a fish on one line we leave the other one in hopes of a second fish, although you need to be careful not to get the lines tangled. A bad storm came in after the last fish so we packed it on in and ended the day. If you are ever around Lake Lanier and want an awesome experience with a great guide look up our friend Captain Mack.

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  1. What kind of line do you use? and LBS? and hooks …. Can you use braded line and then put a leader on?  I am X-Law Enforcement that is disabled and have a service dog, if you ever have room for us to go striper fishing let me know on twitter. I live in NE GA.

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