How to clean Large Mouth Bass by Captain Vincent Russo


Watch and learn as Captain Vincent Russo shows you
THE BEST way to clean your catch. Get maximum yield with EVERY FISH!
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28 Replies to “How to clean Large Mouth Bass by Captain Vincent Russo”

  1. Wow…what's the most fish you ever cleaned at once? 5? Can't think of anything filthier than those chickens you eat. Chickens smell, cows smell, bass not so bad.

  2. I had some asshole talk shit cause I'm taking some nice LMB home to clean, fillet, brine, bread and fry up so I dropped my pole and my stringer with my nice 4 and 5 lb LMB and said "oh yeah, what the fuck are you gonna do about it?" he didn't have much to say after that. Half you C&R fucktards keep the fish outta the water to long anyway so you can smile real big for the camera with your purdy fish, then release it just to die in the water. If I pull anything 2lbs or better you better believe its going home and into the frying pan. I do most fish up the same way, brine 'em in some buttermilk overnight, marinate in some Louisiana hot sauce for a couple hours, toss em in a cornmeal flour mixture and fry them sumbitches up, mmmmm that's good eatin' there. Ya'll keep lettin' 'em go cause I'm hungry.

  3. I don't know why everyone is so against eating bass. I mean my family loves fish. But anything over the size of 18 inches we won't keep so there's a 4 inch range in which we'll keep. And anything over 27 is wall mount.

  4. No point in cutting through the bones, it will just make your knife dull, there isn't much meat on the ribs anyways, and you shouldn't eat belly fat or meat from any fish (thats where most chemicals are stored). Once I hit the rib cage I pierce through the skin and cut around and down till the last rib, cut back into the meat and continue filleting the tail.

  5. thank you for knowing just exactly what youre doing before posting a video. ive seen some bad attempts and bad techniques shown in videos on YouTube

  6. Please don't perpetrate the cleaning and eating of the Largemouth Bass on our youtube channel or our websites.. With all the fish we can catch and eat, why would you want someone to keep a largemouth and eat it? Now, that being said; I sometimes catch and eat walleye, crappie and white bass. Any of the 3 are much tastier and easier and safer to serve than largemouth bass. But, that's my opinion, and This is America, and you have the right to eat all the largemouth bass you want. and God bless you and America too!

  7. This guy makes it WAY complicated. I just like to either cut through the ribs or go around them, but either way the original sooo much easier than this with all the gutting, scaling, fin-removing and head-chopping.

  8. I have never killed a largemouth bass to eat. I have always been brought up to release them maybe because I live in South Florida I have the option of much better eating fish

  9. People get so butt hurt when you don't catch and release bass… If it's legal for that person to keep the fish and eat it you might as well just get over it.

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