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This video shows how to fillet a Largemouth Bass. This same technique also works for bluegill, and crappie. This is very simple, and only requires a sharp fillet knife.


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39 thoughts on “HOW TO FILLET A BASS

  1. Hey man! it's great that somebody actually took the time to make an A+ video on how to filler a bass, already subscribed to your channel, hope that you can check our channel and subb back if you like. Cheers!

  2. Good video. one difference between your method and mine, I was taught to pull the fillet through the knife, rather than pushing the knife through the fillet. But you were able to do your method cleanly, so hats off to you.

  3. I love eating bass and am also a tournament fisherman.. we caught an 18 pound sack 2 weeks ago got 3rd place. Put them back in the livewelll after weighing. took them home and not only enjoyed the $280 I won but also eating them the following night.

  4. I don't give a frick about how big the bass are God put them here to eat. The bigger the better that's just more to eat. My people have been fishing and hunting for hundreds if not thousands of years.If you want to throw your fish back in the water than that's fine more for us!As a matter of fact you SHOULD throw them back if you can AFFORD to. We didn't deplete their numbers in the first place. As for those who eat them just for the taste then you know a smart meal when you see one. How in the hell are some of you going to be so arrogant to lecture somebody for not throwing them back in the water. Keep the guts and put them in your soil then you grow garlic and onion to use for bait if you're so worried about giving it back just for sport. douche bags!

  5. I really don't understand why people say to catch and realease them even though its going to die off sooner or later or someone else is going to take it home. i only do catch and realease when my freezer is already stocked with fish, and bass are tasty (In my opinion) so if he wanted to take it home let him do it otherwise someone else will.

  6. It's funny how everyone freaks out about eating bass.. how about all you fisherman do your part and let us do ours. We never said bass tournament was bad to do so let us catch our meal and let us cook how we want too… If it's money fish then go catch a big money fish and stop complaining.. just saying.. If you call yourself a fisherman then go catch your damn fish.🤘🏾😜🎣🍱

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