How to Find Fish – Bass Fishing

Here are the basics on how I find fish on any given day without going into seasonal patterns.

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  1. Fish finders are degenerative and as far is im concerned take away 50% of the fun .
    I find fish from shore and boat an kill the lake or pond 9/10 times .
    These toys just lead us further from instinct its like camping in a cabin lol , but hey these guys get paid for it mite as well .
    Always look for structure wether it be laid down trees , pads , under water ledge is a major hang out spot .
    If its hot look for shade or cooler water maybe even current if possible and if you can't get any luck on either , look for pads or grass .
    If its colder use finesse in sun lit places or places that mite be warmer based on location or whatever circumstances could lead to a change in temp .
    Those guidlines and a little bit of common sense and "improv" is all it takes where im from (north east)
    Good luck and remember nothing is a safer bet then structure and to be clear , i mean ANYTHING that isn't open water .

  2. I loved your video it was very helpful! I just had a competition yesterday and used your knowledge to help me locate and find where the bass were hanging out. Thank you so much, you helped me and my team out alot!

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