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How To Fish A Jig for Bass – The Complete Jig Fishing Tutorial | Bass Fishing

How to fish a jig for big bass. Learn the best techniques, colors, sizes and more in this information-packed bass fishing video. Soon you be fishing a jig like the pros!

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47 thoughts on “How To Fish A Jig for Bass – The Complete Jig Fishing Tutorial | Bass Fishing

  1. Great video. I have never fished a Jig before, but have been doing quite a bit of research on them, it's how I found Planning on using them on my next trip. The tip on the drag was great, not many articles mention that.

  2. I never knew you guys had a youtube channel. Glad i was looking at the contest and found that you have one, definitely will keep up to date with the vids. Tight lines.

  3. I haven't fished jigs much and i am really looking forward to using some this season. Any tips on choosing the right head shape? also should i be trimming the skirt on my jigs? Should i be putting paddle tail trailers on them or craws ect?

  4. Nice instructional video. Personally, I was always taught to "pray" to the fish by dropping the rod down toward the bite and lean forward slightly while gently reeling up the slack (hence the "praying" motion), once all of the slack was essentially gone I would rear back with the rod using a swift upward motion while simultaneously rotating my rod to the right because I am right-handed. This "praying" method can easily be reversed for flipping to cover on your right side. I seldomly miss with this method when I am tule fishing or fishing boulders.

  5. Glen, done watched this video 5 times now taking lots of notes. Last year was my first year fishing and with a jig. Boy was I doing it wrong, hope thsee tips get me more good days than goose eggs. Thanks

  6. thank you so much for the awesome tips for fishing a jig i really like all the helpful tips on how to fish a jig keep up all the awesome great helpful videos

  7. Best tip I can give any one wanting to fish with jigs is TRIM THE WEEDGUARD. You want to trim that weed-guard so when you compress it down with your finger, it passes just in front of the barb of the hook. There's still enough weed-guard left to protect the point of the hook, but it won't get hung up on the barb at all and hook up ratio will absolutely increase.

    I also like to thin the weedguard out just a tiny bit. What I mean by that is cutting out a couple individual strands until I'm satisfied with how much force is required to compress the weed-guard. Even on heavy cover jigs… in fact I do it on ALL my jigs. I don't want to thin it out so much that it hinders it's ability to come through cover, but just enough to make sure that thing compresses all the way when a fish bites onto that jig. Anything I can do to make sure that hook connects with that fish's mouth is a positive in my mind.

    Other thing I always do is trim the skirt quite a bit. A lot of people do this, and you'll see pros do videos on this topic. I trim the skirt up closer to the hook, and I cut the skirt at an angle. I'll cut at a different angle on one side of the skirt compared to the other. This helps the skirt material really flare out when that jig is paused on the bottom, and each strand of the skirt is a different length and I think it helps make it look more natural. It's a must-do in my opinion any time you buy a new jig.

    Every time I buy a new jig, I trim the weed-guard down and the skirt as well. And I'm convinced this has helped me catch more jig fish since I've started jig fishing. I used to hate using jigs. I had no confidence in them, but then I stopped fishing ALL my other lures and only fished jigs every time I went out and I forced myself to learn the nuances. It paid off massively. Now jig fishing is my absolute favorite way to catch bass. Nothing like a good jig bite and delivering a cracking hook set.

  8. Great video! I'm confused though. I was always under the impression that slack is the enemy and usually means lost fish on a hook set. Do you do this on all stout hook applications?

  9. Love the channel and the content. I'm confused on jig hook sets though. I'm a big fan of Greg Hackney and his style of fishing. He explains to do the complete opposite on setting the hook with jigs. Video is Greg Hackney and missing jig fish. Hmmmm, guess I should try both!

  10. i like how jigs look but haven't figured out how to do out of my kayak, as it looks like you need to stand to do it and i haven't practiced standing enough yet.

  11. Can you do a video on tournament fishing 101? General rules and regs, and common courtesy? I want to start fishing tournaments but don't know where to start and can't find much about it online as far as rules and whatnot. Thanks for the videos!

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