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How To Fish Alabama Rigs For Winter Bass

Still trying to figure out how to catch bass on an Alabama Rig? Well, hopefully this video will help. I’ll show you when, where, and how to throw the rig and show you my favorite gear to throw it on! Hope you enjoy,


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18 thoughts on “How To Fish Alabama Rigs For Winter Bass

  1. Awesome video lucky for me I snagged a brand new Alabama rig with a crank bait so I'm going to try this soon!

  2. I'm enjoying the heck out of your videos man, if you even want to come fish chickamauga let me know. Check out my videos. I catch some giants here

  3. you always have the most informative content! I love your vids. check my channel out when you can please.

  4. That bridge changed current direction like that on me last time I fished it. Ready for you next one bro. I’m debating on hitting beaverfork in Conway tomorrow.

  5. Very good, Have one, lost one and never caught a fish on it yet, Nail then on a 3,8 kietech on a 3/8 head, caught 10 today, water 46 degrees here in Va..

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