How to make a Bass fishing crankbait lure

How to make a Bass fishing crankbait lure, making fishing lures with casting resin, DIY square bill lure

List of Materials

Master: Oven-bake clay

Mold: rubber of silicon

Lure blank: Castin Resin

Lips, screw eyes, etc. :

Youtube soundtrack: Europe


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DIY crankbait lure
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16 Replies to “How to make a Bass fishing crankbait lure”

  1. Nice lures , Daniel , …….you may want to place the bellyhook hanger a bit more to the rear , as the belly hook might foul with the lip now and then whilst casting , …been there , done that !

    Saludos , Dieter

  2. Quick question, How much for the equipment used and where did you purchase it? Thanks for the upload! I'm a disabled veteran and all I do is fish. Plus, losing a $20 lure sucks most of the time. Do you know how to make hard clear plastic lures? Possibly like a clear shad

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