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HUGE Winter Bass!!! (Kayak Fishing)

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Caught one of the BIGGEST largemouth bass I’ve ever seen!!! The crazy part is it was also the COLDEST water I’ve ever fished in!!! How can this be? Is winter fishing really this good??? Make sure to smash that THUMBS UP button if you enjoyed and SUBSCRIBE for more videos!!!

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34 thoughts on “HUGE Winter Bass!!! (Kayak Fishing)

  1. Insane Fish!!! Solid Videos!!! Just subscribed. Stoked if you could do the same. Just starting our journey. Thanks!!!

  2. Cool catch, I was wondering when you would put on a jig under those conditions….. great stuff!

  3. when your guides freeze like that, dip it in the water n move it around for a bit every couple cast it will de thaw them. sucks but works. nice catch brother.

  4. Lojo, that is why we go hard-core and fish in the hardest elements, I know your mind was off the cold while you were reeling that beauty in.

  5. Do you do anything to your jigs out of the package like trimming the skirt or the weedgaurd and I bought some zoom super chunk trailers im new to jig fishing actually my first year trying them out and congrats on your new pb bass lojo

  6. Kudos on the awesome catch. Love that black and blue jig, and trailer combo, favorite go-to choice, cant go wrong with it. You ever check out the yozuri sashimi series?

  7. I want to but the ol honey hole is flooded gonna hv to check out a new spot nice fish lojo

  8. 1st off… great fish.. second.. you are nuts going out in that weather!! Kudos to you!

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