Hunting The Fish Of 10,000 Casts – Muskie Hunt II – Gliders, Medusas, Spinnerbaits on The Shenandoah


2 days of Musky fishing coming your way. Hit a new area on the shenandoah which I found on the VDGIF website….interesting new spot, and I can’t wait to get out and fish it more!!! Definitely a good day.


BASS MAN JIGS…[my favorite flipping jigs]

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44 Replies to “Hunting The Fish Of 10,000 Casts – Muskie Hunt II – Gliders, Medusas, Spinnerbaits on The Shenandoah”

  1. That spinner bait looks awesome! Just what I’ve been looking for striper fishing. Would you recommend that lexa 300? What line are you using and how much did It hold? Why are musky baits so ridiculous? Seems like a hudd or baitsanity explorer would be great musky baits. Also, do you ever try drifting minnows? Keep up the good videos

  2. I haven't had a chance to go after them, and i'm not sure if you can get your boat to this area, but there is a long, deep, slow hole about halfway in-between island ford and Elkton that is absolutely loaded with musky. I see them all the time when i'm out there smallie fishing.

  3. YOOO, that car at the beginning of the video. He works at my office HA! I see that car everyday

  4. Throw a normal A-rig that would throw for bass. Maybe a little bigger baits but for the most part keep it the same.

  5. It's 52 fish should start to be heading into spawning areas small creeks, shallow eddys. I don't know if those fish are natural producing or not but at that water temps I'd focus more shallow flats with glides leave it on and don't take it off. Don't switch baits so much find a bait or 2 and throw it all day.

  6. Ever throw any spoons?  We used to throw spoons for big Musky and Pike where I grew up in the Midwest…might be worth a try sometime.

  7. Once you start comparing fish catches with major and minor times you will be shocked……I have caught muskies the exact minute a major starts, always blows my mind, tight lines and can't wait to see more man!

  8. Do you have a P.O. box or something. I have this MASSIVE spinnerbait. 3 and a quarter ounce 4 or 5 blades. I'll never use it and would like to see it get some use if it interests you any

  9. I just gave you your 5k follow on Instagram lol I worked the expo the past few years. Back in the Appomattox River Company booth. I'm the one with the Camo Pro Angler 14 the past two years if you had been back there. If you're interested… I've got the knowledge of the New and the James for the skis and big Smallmouth. Actually planning to head out west this weekend. I live in Richmond so it's a weekend hike for me. I can shoot you a message on the gram.

  10. I have tracked majors and minors for most of my fishing life (approx 40 years) and have found them to be bizarrely prescient of when feeding activity is highest during a particular day. You are right that other factors are important and the solunar tables don't not limit when I fish, but I am mindful of them and if I have a limited window during any day to fish I check the major before I decide what portion of the day to devote to fishing.

  11. First, chaos tackle makes a shallow Medusa which runs 2-5 feet. Second, someone already said it but when the water is colder you need to run some smaller baits. Third, that water is glass. A top water bait would be insane. I love the fat bastard by lake-x or I would be willing to ship you a sick local bait builders top water bait (Minnesota) lastly, you are making us guys in Minnesota and Wisconsin super jealous because you’re already fishing musky.

  12. absolutely love these musky vids man. even when you don't catch its still a good video watching you out there grinding. try switching up your colors on those tough days. most of what you were throwing was bright try to get some darker baits. keep switching it up til you find out what they want. as my old friend used to tell me of muskies "dont tell them what they want, Theyll tell you"

    good luck and congrats to ace on the engagement!!!

  13. I know your a lure fisherman but put a suspended live bait like a fallfish or big creek chub out the back of the boat while your lure fishing

  14. Love the musky vids man can't wait to get out on the water in Wisconsin once the season opens up. Is this a fishable population for Musky on the river you're at or are they pretty random? Our river out here has musky but very few and far in between you're most likely gonna run into a pike about 95 percent out here while Musky Fishing on the river I fish at.

  15. I struggle to find the reason why this guy only has 23k subs. Not for a lack of effort that’s for sure

  16. Caught many fish on dussas, definetly my most productive bait, I would recommend working it super erratically with as many rips as possible the time where you reel in the slack is when it will be paused. In stead of going slower in cold water I would just downsize the dussa, maybe throw mini or mid dussa during slring

  17. Damn man Ireally wanted to take you fishing there. Monster bass in that section of the Shenandoah. Please let me know when your in this area again.

  18. What would be some good lures for me to look into for musky in the James River and New River? I just ordered a custom painted glider with soft twist tail. Have a couple Medusa’s, a sucker with huge twist tail, spinners, double cowgirl spinner, etc. what else would you guys recommend?! Wanna stock up.
    Thanks in advance! Love the musky vids! Keep em coming! Tight lines everyone!

  19. You're working the glider much better now, and you got a follow That's good to see. Vary the speed and length of the pulls on the glider and now you're doing it. Smallmouth hit the glider, see I told you bass will hit those big muskie baits. Try that big spinnerbait next time you're on hawg largemouth bass waters. I'm a firm believer in moon phases. You didn't catch a muskie but saw two. Keep the faith. That's muskie fishing. Check your g.p.s. maps to see if you can find other river areas similar to where you got your follows.

  20. Your everyday content is great. Keep up the good work.. Checkout Keyes outdoors on your tube. Great musky vids

  21. I'm heading to the upper potomac in a week or so, what is your number one muskie bait for that area? Thanks!

  22. Another awesome video as usual, I love how you structure and edit these ,so 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Dude that bait is crazy! I might buy one and throw it ay cobia looks like something they'd eat

  24. Put the blades away. Medussa, bulldogs or gliders. Smaller is better than larger in spring.

  25. Every time you upload now I'm praying it's a Musky hunt! There's not enough Musky vids out there. Love, love, love it!!

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