IMPORTANT – All-Time favorite Bass Lure: Worm fishing – How to set it up to catch more Bass


How to rig up a plastic texas rigged worm properly – What you need to know! – If you follow Scott’s simple instructions you will have the proper set up for one of the most effective ways to catch bass and an All-Time favorite with most Bass Pros. More Bass tournaments have been won with a plastic worm over the years than any other technique. The best attribute of a plastic worm is that it is very versatile and can be fished under most conditions. Check out Trokar Hook, P-Line and your local Bass Pro Shop for more info or vist them online at

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35 Replies to “IMPORTANT – All-Time favorite Bass Lure: Worm fishing – How to set it up to catch more Bass”

  1. I live in ny and used this setup for years have had great success. I prefer the gary yamamato pumkin eary in season then a lil lighter color late in season. Great vid

  2. Hard to believe how important the basics are – in particular for some newbies that don't want to ask. Great video Scott – and that worm, I prefer Bruiser Baits!

  3. Great video!
    But I can't go to my local Bass pro and get the trokar hooks I can in the salt but not in the fresh water can you help they seem not willing to stock them. I was so excited to have bass pro come to the northwest so I didn't have to order online for all my bass fishing needs. Maybe you can give them a tune up!:)
    Thanks for the time and all the tips

  4. Really cool video Scott, I like the format it was really informative, quick, and entertaining! Very cool, fun and innovative video to watch! Hope to see more of these!!

  5. Hey Scott, I fish in Lake Erie near a lot of rocks and grass, would 8 pound fluorocarbon be ok to? Or is fluorocarbon  underrated (like 10 lb. braid is actually equal to 2 lb. mono)

  6. Wow! I never noticed how much you and dad speak with the same mannerisms. I haven't fished a regular Texas rig in a long time and I bet the majority where I live haven't either. Time to go show them an new old-school worm and whack the heck out of em. Refined with a Trokar and tungsten. Jeeze, I'm gonna go throw one right now. Thanks Scott!

  7. Man I've been doing it wrong for years.. officially done with nightcrawlers and boring crappie. Time to graduate and move on to some bass lol good info

  8. I have an important question. Since you are a professional, and you are sponsored, who pays for the lures, baits, rods, reels, and all? Do you pay or does the sponsor pay and how does that work at places like Bass Pro Shops?

  9. You need to tell Bass Pro Shops they need to open a shop in either Casper, Wyoming, or Billings, Mt. I would have to drive 6-7 hours to go to the nearest one in Denver.

  10. Like how you covered pushing the plastic OVER the knot at the head of the hook. I ALWAYS do this when I Texas rig a plastic (worm, craw, creature, etc.) so that as you said it will help protect the knot.

  11. Man if I could make my choice that fast Id be golden. I get stuck in those aisles for days looking at baits, hooks..etc I go in with a specific bait in mind and I end up spending half the day looking at everything not being able to make up my mind on why to get

  12. The only Pro I follow because fishing Florida is different than fishing anywhere else in the country and Scott Martin has perfected it. I've caught more fish following his instructions.

  13. You could have just put all that stuff in a basket. great tip with putting the worm over the eye of the hook. I never do. I'm going to have give it a try to see if it makes any difference

  14. At the time I ran into one of Scott Martin's videos on YouTube, I hadn't heard of the man. Thanks to his YouTube channel, I've became a fan of his. I love how his videos get streight to the point and gets you the simple answer to your question with no fancy bs involved. He also seems like a pretty normal guy and not smug like alot of others I've seen. Keep up the good work Scott. From your fan Dan.

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