In-Depth Shaky Head Fishing Tips with Mike Iaconelli

Mike Iaconelli discusses everything you’ll ever need to know when fishing a shaky head! Where to fish it, how to retrieve it, preferred jighead, rod/reel/line choices, and more!

Ike’s Gear used:
Lure – Berkley Havoc Bottom Hopper (junebug)
Jighead – VMC Ike Approved Rugby Jig 1/8 and 3/16 ounce
Line – Berkley Trilene 8 lb 100% fluorocarobon –
Rod – Abu Garcia “Ike” Finesse Series Spinning Rods 6’6″ MH/fast
Reel – Abu Garcia REVO MGX Spinning Reel

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34 Replies to “In-Depth Shaky Head Fishing Tips with Mike Iaconelli”

  1. Hello my name is Larry I will like to know how to get in bass fishing tournament .l live in Washington DC and MD .I fish the Potomac river . I will like to fish with you sometime is the tournament session over with yet . let me know if you have any time to meet with me and I will be happy to see you in person . Larry Jones.

  2. "Nose down tail up on an angle, and when you shake your rod tip the tail quivers." THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!

  3. I'm right on the pa side of the river and I put in at Ridley by Essington and I'm just getting into bass fishing and this year I'm targeting the river more and more and I'm gonna fish it non stop, this was awesome info and will definitely try it while I'm out there, great video, thanks!!

  4. I have a new Finesse, shakey head worm. I need some testers! come sub and comment on the videos to get a chance to try them out!

  5. Ike, I love that when you're home filming spots, your family always seems to be close by. I always catch your non-verbal cues to the family, as if to say "I'm filming right now" be there shortly. Thanks for all the great tips and all you share with the fishing world. If knowledge is power, you give a lot to the fishing community. Always be a fan.

  6. dang I was at Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday looking for shaky heads and saw that VMC rugby jig but didn't know how it worked so I got the regular screw in shaky head jig. Anyway, this vid helped a lot.

  7. I can't even express how much this video has helped me; not just with shaky head presentations, but with targeting current seams and breaks in tidal waters. Listen to Ike Ladies and Gents and he will help you land huge bass as he helped me. The only thing I would like to include on this amazing video is to make sure you use an unsalted brand of worm. Unsalted worms float, which is obviously key to shaky head fishing. Thanks Ike!!!!

  8. killed them at lake murray sc a week ago on shaky heads using that Berkley worm. Rocky main lake points. thanks Ike!

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