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INSANE 49lbs 3oz Fishing for Bass ~ Biggest Bag Ever on YouTube

The most INSANE day of bass fishing ever – biggest set of 5 fish captured on YouTube ever!!! Cast to catch #RealFishing a 49lbs 3oz bag of bass on a public Florida lake – the craziest day of fishing for bass I’ll experience in my entire life. The hot fishing technique: all deep diving crankbaits and specifically the Strike King 10XD. Phytobedo and I have been doing this trip for years and we always talk about breaking his PB with a DD and it finally happened in probably the most EPIC day ever! This vid only highlights our best 5 largemouth bass. Stay tuned for the “B-Team” video of all the fish that didn’t make the cut but still weighed over 30++lbs.

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Want the gear in the videos? Check it out at Tackle Warehouse, links are below:

Strike King 10xd

Sunline FC Sniper

You need this graph – Lowrance HDS 12 Carbon:

My Costas

Mustad Triple Grips (Change your hooks!!!!!)

All the camera stuff, the drone, floral hats everything you need to shoot vids!


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48 thoughts on “INSANE 49lbs 3oz Fishing for Bass ~ Biggest Bag Ever on YouTube

  1. You're the true florida king man! Love your videos. Wish i could just be. On the boat with ya even just to watch and learn!

  2. Had to give it a thumbs down and couldn't watch the whole video because of you letting that dog lick them fish.

  3. When it comes to Bass fishing, I was always so fixated on KVD back in the days. I mean…reaction strikes just sound so magical! "a bite that is not out of hunger." Man…this video was fantastic. That's crazy. 5 awesome fish. Double up on a single lure. Two real 10lbs 2oz… Damn.

  4. Seen you coming through Lake Placid today bro. New rig looks sweet! Wind was insane today but we still hit Istokpoga. Awesome vid as always.

  5. Congratulations!
    As for the googans, rig some Bombay doors on your drone, load it with some dog crap, and drop it in them!!

  6. Man gona have to get a bigger live well unbelievable you guys rock it reminds me of the good ole days thanks for the video definitely going to subscribe 🙌🏻 here comes the sponsors😀👍

  7. your dog has probably licked a few pounds of fish slime off. you couldve been in the 50 lbs!

  8. what an awful day of dinks lol. Your videos are making me soooooo jealous up here in NH the state record is 10.6 since 1972.I upgraded my boat and electrionics to do some deep fishing this year and your tips are very helpful, you need to design someBalzz 10xds and get your hustle on.

  9. Phuk Yeah!! Smashed em. That was nuts!! Have the Pti 30 spinning reel my dad left me when he passed away. Gonna find me one of those reels to match. I know why you don't scream but that would be sooo tough when that shit happened

  10. Your weakass youtube channel man your channel pathetic…flair who just turned 21 has a better life than you…you old bummy looking geezer..hahahahaha..GOOGANS will spank you hands down.. your just another broke bitter bum

  11. why do you allow the dog to lick the all-important slime coat off the fish? That can contribute to post release mortality – go read up on it.

  12. How can anyone dislike ANY of this joker's videos?? This guy is a legend hands down 👊👊

  13. Unreal. You have done in Florida what I always have wanted to do, figure out offshore fish.

  14. Good Stuff guys, once in a lifetime day. Big Ups to you guys for releasing those fish when you catch them, instead of stuffing all those giants in the livewell together for a money shot at the end.

  15. Congrats !!! I don’t even know what to say other than get ready for a bunch of new subscribers……..

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