Jerkbait Bass Fishing From The Bank – Late Winter Bass Fishing

Bass fishing with a jerkbait, in late winter, is a must try from the bank. The erratic action of a jerkbait, combined with it’s suspending pause, make it an awesome prespawn fishing lure. I am bank fishing in water that is between 55 & 60 degrees. The bass are starting to move in to the backs of the creeks as they warm up. I usually see the smaller males first, and the larger fish show up a little later. Today I manage to catch two small largemouth bass before I break my jerkbait trying to get it free from a tree. If you are bass fishing from the bank this winter or spring, give the jerkbait a try!

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42 Replies to “Jerkbait Bass Fishing From The Bank – Late Winter Bass Fishing”

  1. Maan I watched so much realistic fishing one night I eventually fell asleep watching this one so…..I watched it again. My anecdotal evidence would have said no pauses on a jerk bait, but after today??? That's what I love about your show, you shake me up and make me think🦎👑🐟

  2. fish a weedless fluke Texas rigged but without the bullet weight. during the spring and summer you're gonna slay during the afternoon. and then at dusk tie on a chatter bait and throw it out there. way after dusk you will land that female that didn't want to bite until then

  3. Just picked up a couple of little Rebel jerk baits today at Wally World in the discount bin for $1.88…. if the freakin' wind will ever calm down I might actually get to go fishing….

  4. Good job, ever try a whopper plopper? You should try one when the topwater action heats up.

  5. nice, just caught my first bass this year last weekend. I'll have to try a jerkbait when the weather permits.

  6. Im jealous… gotta wait til ice out in the Northeast. Nice start to a great year… here's wishing a new PB for ya.

  7. I love catching em on the jerkbait. I tried braid with my jerkbait and the string gets wrapped around the rod tip a lot. Ever have that issue? I had to move to florocarbon on my jerkbait rod but I use braid on everything else. The rapala shadow rap is an awesome jerkbait.

  8. Nice job!! The jerkbait is definitely a great weapon in the early season!!!

  9. i started out bass fishing with jerkbaits. i need to get back into using them! so many lures in the fishing world! i need to use them all!

  10. Can't wait to try my 2 new baitcasters out did not use one for about a year+ . Also finally got that thermometer an it works perfect great tool to know when to start targeting bass.

  11. the first bass of the year was fighting potty good , the 10 to 15 minutes videos are perfect to watch good job on the edit of them alex 💪✌👊

  12. Nice catches! Love your rod and reel. You just keep bringing it! As always, keep em coming.

  13. I am a really good fishermen, but you give me ideas and tips I never think of. Keep up the good work, great videos

  14. I've been watching your videos for about A couple months now and I realized you don't need to have the most expensive gear to catch fish. Also I'm glad you don't flaunt your gear around. I love this channel!

  15. Really encouraging to see someone catching some bass. My water temp is still below 50. I am hoping it starts to warm soon. Good luck out there.

  16. Those fish look nice and healthy. I never have caught anything on a jerk bait. May have to try again.

  17. Well that's a good sign, the bass are starting to move into the shallow areas!! Great technique!!

  18. I went fishing the other day and totally forgot to renew my license. Sure enough a conservationist carded me. It was only 3 days late though and he gave me a warning. Lol. Went straight to Wal-Mart and renewed.  Caught a 3lb Largemouth, too. Great day!!!

  19. I bought a lifetime license over 10 years ago, do they offer them in your state? When I bought mine an annual license was $12 , then they went to $18, and now they are $23 in VA. I have missed a lot of videos because of the new YT rule, time to catch up on them.

  20. Still waiting for my first anything for the year water and weather has been unfishable. Hopefully Friday my day off will be desent. Take care buddy.

  21. Good luck this season! The ice is finally melting off the water here in Michigan. It's been tough with the flooding here too, but we're managing. Hope you catch lots of fish this year. I'll be watching.

  22. Nice first bass of the year . I like using jerkbaits feel more comfy with it

  23. Love a jerkbait. Caught my pb on one last year. My ponds are flooded out now though. Ugh. Great content bro! Keep it up! Definitely subbed. Just gettin started on my channel. Reaching for the stars!! Peace!

  24. Dude, why did you take down the cleaning trash video? I wanted to show my wife one it was epic!

  25. It sucks when you break a lure lile that. I really hope the rest of the year hoes far better.

  26. just file that left over plastic down and it will still catch a lot of fish. Great couple of fish for sure.

  27. I have exactly the same jerkbait. It is supposed to suspend but it sinks way too quickly. You might check yours.

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