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Jerkbait Bass Fishing From The Bank – Late Winter Bass Fishing

Bass fishing with a jerkbait, in late winter, is a must try from the bank. The erratic action of a jerkbait, combined with it’s suspending pause, make it an awesome prespawn fishing lure. I am bank fishing in water that is between 55 & 60 degrees. The bass are starting to move in to the backs of the creeks as they warm up. I usually see the smaller males first, and the larger fish show up a little later. Today I manage to catch two small largemouth bass before I break my jerkbait trying to get it free from a tree. If you are bass fishing from the bank this winter or spring, give the jerkbait a try!

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45 thoughts on “Jerkbait Bass Fishing From The Bank – Late Winter Bass Fishing

  1. Jersey license January 1st through December 31st no matter when you buy it expires December 31st. I hope you're right about a good season coming up I'm looking forward to it

  2. I think I have a jerkbait or 2 around here in one of the MTB Pro boxes I was getting for awhile. I think I will try it out sometime this weekend. Two nice bass you got there! I caught a bass on 3 of the last 5 times out fishing. They were all caught on 4" Yum Dinger's. Yeah!

  3. i got my first bass of the year on a rapala x rap jerkbait. it was only about 1lb but it was great to catch a fish

  4. Thanks again for a fun video. I'm going bass fishing tomorrow for the first time this year. Hopefully I will making a video on that trip.

  5. Hadn't even seen that snapshot function before. Congrats on the first bass of the year! Still haven't caught mine, but of course my wife got one, lol. Gonna be learning all the different baits this year. Haven't successfully used a jerkbait yet so I'll probly mimic that twitching you did there. Just glad they're back man! Also, nice save. It's rare I shoot treble hooks into a tree and get them back at all.

  6. I like how you pick one bait and fish it for a good amount of time.. Then the tree broke your bill, that sucks buddy!

  7. My guy you got 1lb of bass your first day not the worst … ive gona blank a few times lol … when will you give us some hammy down baits or gear?

  8. Grats on the first Bass of the year. I can’t recommend the snapshot though. I bought the original snapshot when it came out int e 90’s from Quantum. It’s now $19 and not even worth that. I bought my son one and it fell apart on our first trip with it. Glad to see it held up for you. Hope you have a great season and look forward to your vids

  9. I watched a fishbrain ad on your channel. Ever tried the app? I was thinking about it because of your water temp vid. Anyways, good to see the bass are becoming active again.

  10. Nice catches Alex! Excellent of you to mention why you used a medium action rod! You're spot on!
    Did you use a leader? I don't know whether I should. Some references recommend them. Others say they're unnecessary. So far I've used braid only for topwater around lily pads, and I'm wondering if I should use it for other situations. Any advice?

  11. Congrats on your first bass of the season! Those suspending jerkbaits are awesome, I've caught some nice ones on them. Also another good lure is the Bill Lewis Floating Rat-L-Trap. It has a good tight wiggle, and is good at staying above the muck on the bottom. My first bass of the year was caught on it.

  12. Awesome Alex ! Nice fish I have caught a few in the past couple of weeks on lipless crankbaits Rayburn Red Crawdad pattern…I wanted to try jerkbait today but my lake is ultra Tomato soup from red clay runoff. Gotta wait for it to clear up before I use a jerk.

  13. New Subscriber here. Been watching some of your vids. Man you make me want to go fishing. Keep up the great work.

  14. Congrats on your first bass of the year. That’s a case of beer right. It is JerkBait season.

  15. going in the morning even tho its gonna be 35 degrees im going i got to try it its been too long since ive felt that line tug

  16. Seems like right now down here it's really tough to get a decent day and conditions to go fishing. The amount of rain we've had is ridiculous, and we just had a ton more Wednesday and Thursday. When I went Friday, last week, that was the first decent day all year down here. Went again Tuesday, caught a few more bluegill and shellcracker, but the bass weren't biting anything.

  17. Man I need to get some more jerkbaits I’ve been catching all my bass on jigs I have enough already I need to go buy some more 😂

  18. Ollies bargain outlet is where i go to find weird baits they restock every week in the one close to where i live i pretty much get a new bait every week from there

  19. Breaking out the late winter jerkbait, can only mean one thing.. Alex is going to get some bass! good job brother you got two nice bass👍 bummer deal about the broken bill😢 cheers to a beginning of a great new season👍😉🍺

  20. Congratulations on the first bass of the year. Picked up my first this week as well.

  21. First bass of 2018… nice. Jerkbait did the job. I like the color choice. I bet nice to be back out there. I'm getting excited to get back out there too. Fish on and keep it Realistic.

  22. Best time of year to use a jerk bait I think…Another great video buddy 🙂 👍👍

  23. Good vid. Hard to beat the ol jerk baits this time of year makes me want a go fishin right now

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