Jerkbait Fishing by Water Temperature with MARK MENENDEZ

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A common misconception among many anglers is that jerkbaits are only effective in cold or cool water situations such as during the winter and prespawn. Mark Menendez will share his expertise on jerkbaits so that you will be able to catch bass in clear water situations during all seasons!


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4 Replies to “Jerkbait Fishing by Water Temperature with MARK MENENDEZ”

  1. I found that same "Carolina" like retrieve to work really good in super cold dead winter. Find steep rock bluff banks in channel swings and parallel the bluff. Reel it down and work it like a worm. Just easin It along the bottom. I like the rapala xrap suspending crankbait. I caught big bass with this technique when I could t get them to bite slow finesse stuff.

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