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Jig Fishing Bass Secrets & New Kayak Rods

Mike Iaconelli is hosting this segment of Bass University Live from iCast 2017, with missile jigs owner John Crews. Ike’s other guest, Fat Cat Newton is a Cashion Rods angler, along with John Crews. They talk about new fishing rods from Cashions, including kayak fishing rods and a series technique-specific rods, including a counter-balanced rod for dropshot fishing. Newton talks about his favorite rod models in casting and spinning.

What is the new flip out jig from Missile Jigs? John Crews is the owner of missile baits and Johnny introduces new baits and jigs at iCast 2017. The new flip out jig, which is a larger version of the mini flip jig, which Ike used to win the bass fishing tournament at the Delaware River. Want to learn about the importance of a jig weed guard angle? One angler calls in and asks, “Are there any sneaky secret bass fishing techniques?”. There’s a new color of missile baits. Soon, you’ll be able to buy straight black d bombs and baby d bombs.

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21 thoughts on “Jig Fishing Bass Secrets & New Kayak Rods

  1. mikes jigs are good i have about 30 of them but strike king is defiantly the way to go. i catch fish on both but i catch way more on stoke king jigs.

  2. I used a missile jig this past week in Wisconsin. The small mouth loved it. It was not the best style head for fishing in the rocks so I got snagged a lot but that was my fault not the lures.

  3. I swear by straight black lures up here in Michigan. From jigs to topwater plugs, black with very light accent colors in the eyes or with a feather treble hook in white or matching black is killer. But straight jet black is absolute dynamite!

  4. Hey. ike what's up. you are my favorite pro. I actually got 3rd in a tournament by catching a fish in the last ten minutes. NEVER GIVE UP

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