Jig Fishing for Bass with Kevin VanDam

Outdoor World Television Classic Episode

Pro angler Kevin VanDam offers tips on different ways to fish with a jig.


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  1. Can't catch with a jig, I have been using them for 2 seasons with only one unsucessful bite, this week I used them bank fishing in 3 sessions for a combined total of 27 hrs worth of effort and not a single bite, my cousin was fishing the same spot as me with plastic worms and getting at least 4 bass per session………I am not giving up because for some reason I just love jigs, even though they don't produce I am convinced it is worth the effort to figure them out.
    Can you make some suggestions that may help me figure out my problem?
    I used them with and without craw trailer.
    I both hop and drag them.
    I target both weeds and rocks.
    And I do well in these places with worms.
    So what can it be? I am getting frustrated, my cousin is hounding me to give up the jigs says they must not work in michigan, either that or the videos are just made to sell jigs and they are somehow rigged.

  2. Rather than repeating how great a jig is, I think this video would be more informative and instructional if you actually took a few seconds to show us the jig!!!

  3. My only comment is I like kvd and wish he didn't torque the lip on those bass quite so much. It can damage their jaw ro hold the horizontal by the jaw. U won't know it either as studies show it takes a couple of weeks and they die because they can't eat.

  4. I dont trust any fisherman especially a pro to tell my how he's really catching fish. BTW KVD how about not grabbing the fish by the body and just lip them. Good way to remove the slime coating they have on their bodies grabbing them by the body. moron.

  5. I'm not knocking the guy at all. Perhaps you should have graduated middle school or at least finished your reading classes? He obviously knows what he is doing. He chooses to advertise for the gear that gives him the most money. Nothing, states that he actually uses the specific lures he is trying to sell you in this COMMERCIAL. Are you one of those idiots that buys axe because the commercial shows the user covered in women? Come on. Exercise your tiny brain a bit.

  6. Just because you still live with your mom and video games is how you spend your day doesn't mean you can tell a Professional Bass Fisherman like Kevin VanDam how to live. He knows what he is doing. He could catch fish on anything, but he chooses the stuff that has won him tournament after tournament. Losers like you just don't understand.

  7. The point is that he will say anything and everything to keep his sponsors. He isn't going to say "Well I find myself never actually using this as it only works in the right weather, with the right water clarity, with the proper moon alignment, and only if I cast while doing a handstand." or "Hey guys, this is exactly how I win all the time, and here are the gps coordinates to my best spots."

    Basically, his advice doesn't mean jack squat.

  8. I can, and have thrown a bare hook into my lake and caught catfish, bluegill, and bass. Stocked and regularly fed body of water.

    Just because he "one of the best" doesn't mean squat either. If someone paid me as much as he is paid to promote their products i would say whatever I could to persuade you buy it just like he does.

  9. Okay why does it matter if he is fishing a stocked reservoir? It's just to show you the technique. Also why wouldn't you try to fish a jig like that? He is one of the best pros out there and you won't take advice from him? Stupid.

  10. spinnerbaits, yum watermelon seed worms, chaterbait, buzzbait, rebel pop-r, LOTS OF FROG R'S if theres water lillys or smug on top of the water, 1 crank bait (i would look at rapala medium diving baits). and with that i think you should be ok. 🙂

  11. Hey guys! I just started a channel on fishing and am in real need of some subs! I have some videos up already and hope to keep'em coming! Please check it out and help it grow!

  12. even if he is fishing a stocked reservoir it doesn't mean the fish would be biting anymore than they would on a normal lake/reservoir. That jig has to work or else the fish would scare away from it.

  13. He's fishing a stocked resevoir. No secret, they do it all the time to promote their endorsers. Dont be lead to believe these techniques work. you put anything, including a $5 dollar bill on your hook and put it in front of a hungry fish, they will take it. What's ironic is whose catching who with this video? Is he fishing for bass, or people to buy his BPS products?

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