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Dave fish for lunker bass I do not own the audio background music in this video it was made under creative commons laws and is licensed under royalty free the creator is unknown


39 Replies to “JTO #57 : HOW TO CATCH BIG BASS”

  1. Have you ever tried the Ned Rig? I've had amazing success with it and think you'd love it. It's pretty much like what you are fishing with in this video except the presentation of it is different. Essentially it's just a jig head with a floating worm, but I use Zman because of their elasticity and cut a Zinker Z down an inch or so and it is amazing. I can catch a couple dozen off of one lure before its done. One thing I've learned is picking the right color tho. I can throw the wrong color in a hole ten or more times, but the second I choose the right color it's FISH ON!

  2. Good video, and you seem like a nice fellow, and I don't mean to pick on you, this is for every angler to consider, – please don't hold the bass like that, you can and will injure a big bass cocking back the lower lip like that, it can actually break their jaw and kill them. either hold them straight from the lower lip or support it with two hands. Peace, and tight lines.

  3. LOL, dude set your drag right and don't crank against your drag. And you swing one those swallow water fish like your fishing a heavy wire jig in 60 feet of water. Your are cracking me up missing all them fish.

  4. Will you be at alum creek spillway in two weekends for saugeye I will be there saterday morening around. 10-11 by the bridge on the side where there is not a walk way I was wondering if you could meet me there and show me how to catch saugeye there if not I understand

  5. You don't need to wait to set the hook. Tighten your drag and set the hook harder! Good video, but you should have edited out the release, major butt crack bro lmfao

  6. one hook is enough. if youre getting short strikes you should try a scent or a longer hook. you can check out Penhooks A hook. its long. when using two hooks you loose about half a second of your hookset which is probably why you were missing those first hooksets.

  7. Catch and release  unless its for the table ..    I  you   go to a small stream/creek you  were it  is our visible or human eye you can  watch there  action and watch how many times a fish may not pay attention to a bait in front of them  ten suddenly follow be it bream or a bass

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