June 24 Hour Kayak Fishing Challenge. Bluefish, Fluke, Largemouth Bass, Porgy

Thanks for watching FishAholics it was a brutal June 24HKFC but i tried to make the most of it for you guys.

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Air temp 65-75°f
Cloudy in the morning with thick fog around the point and south side, North side clear and humid.

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25″ Bluefish SP Bunker Minnow
14.5″ Porgy 1oz spro bucktail green/silver/white
17″ Largemouth bass Rapala Xrap Suspending Jerkbait Silver

Camera, Gopro Hero 3+ silver, and hero 3 white
Editing software, Adobe premier pro CC 2015

Thanks and never forget LIVE TO FISH FISH TO LIVE


14 Replies to “June 24 Hour Kayak Fishing Challenge. Bluefish, Fluke, Largemouth Bass, Porgy”

  1. I mean personally I fresh water fish on big lakes all the time and always remember where my best spots are so if you don't remember your favorite spots in a lake or pond then you might wanna figure something else out cuz that's pretty stupid to not remember

  2. What's your fluking rod and reel combo? Also what kind of line do you use? I'm looking for a new fluking setup and I need some help deciding. Thanks.

  3. I'm coming to Montauk for a few days next week, what are some of the best spots to fish for fluke, bass, and bluefish from the surf? Thanks!

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