Kayak Bass Fishing Seminar ft. Flukemaster | Bienville Plantation | PART 1

Gene Jensen (Flukemaster) and I joined forces for a unique format kayak bass fishing seminar at Bienville Plantation in White Springs, Florida. This is part one of a two part video and we will be conducting the event again this year in two sessions with a 10 person limit for each session.



KAYAK BASS FISHNG SEMINAR – Bienville Plantation


Call Jimmy at 386-365-0561

Email Jimmy at jjohnson@bienville.com


SEMINAR SESSION 1 – Arrive Thursday November 30th Evening
Fishing and Seminar Day 1 – Friday
Fishing and Seminar Day 2 – Saturday
Depart Sunday – 11:00 AM Checkout

SEMINAR SESSION 2 – Arrive Sunday December 3rd Evening
Fishing and Seminar Day 1 – Monday
Fishing and Seminar Day 2 – Tuesday
Depart Wednesday – 11:00 AM Checkout


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27 Replies to “Kayak Bass Fishing Seminar ft. Flukemaster | Bienville Plantation | PART 1”

  1. Saw on another channel today a guy pull in trash with a fish and throw it back in the water, probably an unthought out reflex,  but I thought Chad you would be a good advocate / spokesperson for "Leave it better than you found it" challenge would love to see all kayakers encouraging each other to sacrifice a few cast to grab some trash and throw in our boats. Maybe do a post your "trash catch" pics instagram campaign.

  2. I started Kayak fishing this year, I absolutely love it, In the past I would of chose a bass boat over a kayak until I found your channel about six months ago and now that I own a kayak ( old town predator 13 ) I can honestly say I will probably never own a bass boat in my life. I started fishing in a canoe and eventually got a aluminum boat that I loved but it just wasn't what i feel fishing Is, to me personally, fishing is just as much about undisturbing the nature around me as it is catching the bass. And a kayak gives me everything I could ever want in the sport, I get to enjoy the nature and the sounds of wildlife beyond the tree line, without the noise of a motor buzzing in my ear. As well as it allows me to go anywhere a boat can and anywhere a boat can not go, and when I catch a fish It was purely man vs fish, no motor brought me to him, And no fish finder helped me target him. It is truly amazing tucking away into the many streams that litter my state and seeing the untouched earth as I lift another fish out of the water that really makes it worthwhile for me! I would absolutely like to thank you chad for sharing your experiences and being one of the major reasons I ever started kayak fishing!

  3. just started kayak fishing this year n I love it. I've see nothing wrong with fishing from a bass boat but for me a kayak is the way to go. love watching n learning from your channel. thanks for sharing what u have learned over the years

  4. If you ever have the chance go fish at Bienville. Awesome fishery. Been there 4 times now every time has been a blast. Can't wait to go back this coming spawning time.

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