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Keeping a wild bass in a home aquarium.

A few things you might need to know to keep a wild bass in a home aquarium. Feeding a bass live night crawlers.


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35 thoughts on “Keeping a wild bass in a home aquarium.

  1. Video was great I did the same thing many years ago with a Florida Large Mouth Bass, had him for 3 years till he died, he was incredibly smart, ate so much that he ate me out of house and home. I resorted at winter time to feeding him balls of lean hamburger. He would actually play fetch with a large plastic stone. Raised him from a 3/4" minnow. One of the best pets I have ever had.

  2. How intelligent is that fish compared to a pet store (Oscar) fish ?
    The Oscar runs about the same size, and are pretty smart fish.

  3. that tank is WAY too small. to be human means we are smarter than the animals… meaning we have more responsibilities to this planet than they do… and that tank's way too small you lifeless fagtard lol

  4. Creek Small mouth are WAY harder, you have to oxygenate the absolute crap out of the tank,
    AND somehow have a current running, I bet one of those "endless" pools would work pretty well for those.
    Good video!

  5. We had one in a 50 gallon tank.. he grew up big. We fed it gold fish and minnows..
    Sadly one day we came home to find he jumped out of the tank and died while we were at work.. was very fascinating to watch his/her habits..

  6. I always thought that SMB would fit fine in a 125 gallon tank. Then I saw what a 4# one looks like. Stronger and faster than most similar sized fish in the aquarium hobby that would be ok in a 125 gallon. These things truly become BEASTS.

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