Ken Cook spinner bait fishing Lake Comedero, Mexico

Pat Traynor hosts this episode of the American Angler with Bass Master Classic Champion Ken Cook and his wife Tammy. This is the best spinner bait action in the world. Lake Comedero is second none for numbers and size of large mouth bass. Watch and you tell me?


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2 Replies to “Ken Cook spinner bait fishing Lake Comedero, Mexico”

  1. go and make a new video ,,, the lake today have tons and tons of 5 6 7 8 pounders ..easyly to catch … i wish you can be there and make a vid… ok ,,,, hope see you there ,,, greets

  2. hi there … tons of bass lots of fun and camera crew just perfect.. the background,, awesome … what a fishing day for memory …. im a susc,, waiting more of your vids,,, greets,,,,.spinners the secret weapon that day

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