Keys to Crankbaits for Bass

Square bills are an excellent bass fishing bait and are designed to deflect off shallow cover. The key to separating square bills from really good crankbaits, …


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28 Replies to “Keys to Crankbaits for Bass”

  1. I like that you post bass fishing videos just about all year. I live in the upper penninsula of michigan where most guys shun bass fishing and are more into lake trout and salmon fishing, besides we get a lot of snow here and don't have year round bass fishing and/ or bass fishing videos being made. you are my go to freah water bass fishing guy for tips and tricks videos! keep em comin and maybe we will see you out on lake superior one day! tight lines! #catchandrelease #bigbass #topwater #crankbaits

  2. Absolutely love the Askas. They have the nice wobbling action with random kicks, great colors on them, and the crazy buoyancy. All of these factors make them so easy to work and pull through cover.

  3. on my black dog baits shellcracker g2, if I reel at the right speed, itll start to zig zag as well as the regular swimming motion. itll go straight, then quick turn right, then back to center or maybe even left. fish catching machines those things are

  4. Do you prefer Shimano reels over any other reels? If so, why? Because all of my friends use Abu Garcia's and they tell me to get one, but I heard they suck. So, do you prefer Shimano?

  5. Are your glasses your wearing the flak 2.0 with the shallow water lenses? If so, how do you feel about the lenses? They are my first polarized lenses for fishing and I have nothing to compare them too, just wanted to know if they were one of the best around.

  6. Let me start off by saying I am a huge fan and have learned so much from your videos, but I cant decide what reel I should buy between the Lews Speed Spool LFS and the Diawa arid… Any suggestions btw I will be using this reel for frogging and pitching

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