Lake Chickamauga 10lb Bass NEW PB!!! Prespawn Cold Front Lipless Lure

Skip to 3.4 minutes for the fish

I am so blessed and exited to share my new personal best catch with you guys and even more blessed to have caught it with my dad and uncle Jeff. It has been really tough out there the last couple of weeks but a fish like this will take your mind of that. She tipped the scales at 10.42 lbs with a 25.5 inch length and a 20 inch girth!


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  1. such a great fish. you brought her in well too. one thing you did wrong was when you weigh her make sure you're outside those gills.. you went right in em and i've been told by many people that that really injures the fish

  2. Cool video bro, I have never caught a double-digit before and it looks like fun, I hope I can catch at least half the size of that one this year! Keep up the great content though and if you have a chance please give my channel a look, I would really appreciate it!

  3. Chickamauga is awesome and what a FISH! I'd never fished there until this past year and I got my PB on a frog this past September but she wasn't that big. Mine was just 6 3/4lb but I'll take it!

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