Lake Fork Bass Fishing: Father Son Big Bass Action

Father and son guides show us how to catch a bunch of bass in a big hurry in this video. Be sure to check out their links below. Thanks for watching.

Skeeter’s site-
Skeeter’s phone number- 903-292-9659

Austyn’s Phone Number- 903-288-3085
Austyn’s Facebook-
Austyn’s Instagram-


5 Replies to “Lake Fork Bass Fishing: Father Son Big Bass Action”

  1. Billy what's the details on that spoon looking bait they were throwing. I fished Oklahoma lake Konawa 4th of July day an some boys came into the area we were fishing some kind of spoon/jig an they were sacking up the fish.. I tied on the biggest​ & silver Johnson spoon I had an couldn't get them to bite. These boys were catching LM bass an sand bass almost every cast. it was a pisser, I tried rattle traps, old storm thin fin lure, jerk bait an swim baits 3 colors an couldn't get them to bite.

  2. My mom came in from Kentucky for this week which we decided to go to Fork cause she wants to try to catch some Fork giants. But all we've caught so far is 2 fish off of a bridge by Fork Resort on a drop shot lol ! I guess I need to figure something else out !

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