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lake lanier Largemouth bass fishing

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15 thoughts on “lake lanier Largemouth bass fishing

  1. Hey fellas..just a tip…stop talking and put the fish back in the water….RESPECT the fish

  2. Cool vid! i fish on lake allatoona a lot for carp and bass, check out my vids and sub if you want!

  3. Look up PFA's in Georgia. We have one close by in Newton county called Marben PFA/Charlie Elliot wildlife center.

  4. @kontars if you are in NY try the Hudson River there are alot of largemouth there,or try some ponds and state parks.Some states even have stock ponds just for kids….If you are in Atl they have thousands of places!!!Where do you live??

  5. Awesome video. There are so few lake lanier video's on largemouth (they're all about stripers) Keep them coming!

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