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Lake Norman Winter Bass Fishing

We fish Lake Norman with jigs and other baits in early December and hook up with a few fish.
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16 thoughts on “Lake Norman Winter Bass Fishing

  1. Nice catch guys.. I just subbed to your channel. Come check my channel out and give it a sub back.. thanks

  2. just found you guys last night…..some nice content.. we are in north carolina too. I also subbed return favor if you van thanks!!!

  3. Awesome video!! I just subbed, you really deserve more subs than what you have! but I guess it is pretty hard here on YouTube….keep it up and hopefully it'll pay off.

  4. Nice! Dude in the camo set that hook like a ninja @ 00:5100:53! lol. Set that hook so fast his rod came back with a new time zone! lol.

  5. Hey dope channel I really like you content you put out I subbed could you check my channel out and maybe leave a sub

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